The moment you say ‘I Do’ should be one of the happiest of your life. After many months (and often years) of planning, this one day is a culmination of love, dedication and the talent of your suppliers. Marquee weddings are an ever-popular option for many couples. They allow you to nestle your celebrations in the heart of a cherished location, without the constraints of permanent buildings. They offer free scope to personalise your interiors according to the likes and dislikes of you and your beloved. All of this flexibility is something that many couples thrive on. But, it can also present a host of questions – how do I know everything has been covered? Will my day still go without a hitch? Well, our guide is here to help you plan the perfect marquee wedding with all our top tips.

1. Find a location

Our first tip definitely doesn’t just apply to those considering a marquee wedding. However, in many ways, it is more important. Marquees can be hosted on a number of different sizes – both privately owned land or those hired out by companies. It helps to look for those that allow tipi’s or ones that have previously been host to a marquee wedding.

It is worth noting that you cannot legally be married underneath a marquee. According to UK laws, you must be married underneath a fixed roof. Many couples choose a site that also has a permanent house attached. If registered for weddings, you can marry here and then move your party outdoors for the evening celebrations.

There is a helpful list of 21 marquee wedding venues on which can also be found here.

Cocklin Marquee
Blue Roof Swags
Traditional Canvas Photo

2. Practicalities

Fixed wedding venues take care of all the practical matters for you. And so will an experienced marquee company too. However, it never hurts to take note of the smaller and, sometimes most important, practical features. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Access – The suppliers you choose will need to access the location easily. Equally, your guests need to be able to get on to the marquee without the risk of tripping, slipping or injuring themselves. Check that you have appropriate access for vehicles – is the ground secure? Do you have a spot on which you can create a temporary car park? What is the walking distance from here to the venue/marquee and how could the safety aspects here change should it rain or worse on your wedding day?
  • Toilets – If you’ve chosen a venue with a permanent building too, it’s likely to have toilets. However, if it’s a rural site you’ve chosen, you’ll need to consider portaloos. On average, you need 10 toilets for every 100 guests. If renting portable toilets, you’ll need to factor in waste collections and the logistics of this throughout the day or night. We have a guide to Hiring Portable Toilets available here for further reference.
  • Electricity – Another thing to consider if you don’t have a permanent building on site. You may need to think about hiring a generator. Our Power Generator Hire Guide is there to help you find the right option.
  • Security – No one likes to think about things going wrong when planning their wedding day. But it’s important to think about security when it comes to your guest’s possessions. Marquees can be configured to include a cloakroom but it’s important to take into account CCTV cameras or even security guards if needed.

Sometimes, it’s the smallest things that transform your wedding day and make the entire event run smoothly.

3. Marquee Design

So, you’ve found the perfect location and checked through the smaller features. Now it’s time to consider what marquee you need to create the perfect wedding. We have a Marquee Guide available on our website but let’s look at the 4 main styles now.

  • Canvas – The most recognisable and iconic style has to be the simple canvas marquee. They have a classic, quintessentially British style that pairs perfectly with countryside weddings. Our canvas marquees feature wooden poles for a vintage style and can be lined to create the look you’re searching for.
  • Clear-Span – These expansive marquees offer an open-plan, uninterrupted layout by eliminating central poles completely. They are an ideal choice for larger parties or very specific layouts designs you may have.
  • Chinese Hat – On the flip side, Chinese Hat marquees are perfect for smaller, intimate gatherings. Also known as Pagoda Marquees, they have a distinctive pointed roof and can be made with windows or sides, depending on your needs.
  • Traditional – One of the most popular choices for weddings has to be our Traditional Marquees. They have the perfect mix of whimsical charm and undeniable elegance. They can be coupled with Chinese Hat marquees to create various sections or used on their own and dressed according to your theme.

4. Decor

Once you’ve chosen the marquee, it’s now time to think about a theme. In 2020, the most popular themes spread from Desert Chic through to Wanderlust and 1970’s Rock and Roll. So, your chosen theme really does just come down to personal preference. Choose something that resonates with you and your partner. Perhaps you got engaged on a dream holiday and want to bring notions of this into your big day? Or maybe, you first bonded over a love for heavy metal music and want to pay homage to this. The beauty of wedding planning is that it really does come down to what you love the most.

At this stage, it’s also important to think about your marquee layout. A good, reliable marquee hire company will be able to help you with this point of planning. But consider things like:

  • What shape table do you want for the wedding breakfast? Trestle tables are longer and can be linked together for an opulent look. Alternatively, circular tables encourage conversation between guests.
  • Do you want the dancefloor to be there throughout the entire event or unveiled after the dinner?
  • Do you need a fully stocked bar and where do you want it to sit within your layout?
  • Will you create relaxation areas where guests can take time out and talk?

5. Find your marquee hire company

The right marquee hire company will help you throughout the entire planning and implementation process. It’s important to do your research and make sure the company you trust with your big day is equipped to deliver everything they promise. Some questions you should ask include:

  • Can you provide a breakdown of costs included in the quote?
  • Can you provide a schedule for marquee delivery and collection?
  • Can I hire furniture, equipment or accessories directly from you or from other companies? Will this incur an additional cost?
  • Could you come with me for a site visit?
  • Do you have public liability insurance?
  • What leniency do I have with changes or alterations to my order after booking?
  • Can you help me plan the layout and provide floor plans?
  • Is my deposit refundable?
  • If it rains on my wedding day, can you come up with a solution to keep my event on track?

Here at Carron Marquees, we pride ourselves in offering a comprehensive and supporting marquee hire service to every single customer. We’d love to be part of your big day so please get in contact if you’re considering saying ‘I Do’ underneath the stars.