Filling out our quick quote form below with as much information as you can, can massively help us give you an accurate and precise quote. The better and more information, the better the quote. The information that we need ranges from the type of marquee you’re after to where the event is being held.

So, the information that we need from you to give you an accurate quote is:

  • The type of event – By this we mean is it a wedding, party or corporate event. When we know what kind of event it is we can offer our best services specific to that niche.
  • The type of marquee – As we have a wide range of stunning marquees it is extremely helpful to know which one that you’re interested in as prices change for each marquee. Not only this but certain marquees can only fit a certain amount of people.
  • Guests – The number of guests is vital, and whether they are to be seated or standing mainly because of space inside the marquee. We also need to know if there will be extra guests in the evening so that our marquee can cater for them.
  • Stage and dance floor – Will you be needing a stage and or dance floor inside your marquee?
  • Venue – We will need the postcode of the venue/where the marquee is to be sited. So, will this be at a private home or at a venue? If you’ve decided to have your wedding, party or event at a venue we will need to know if there are any restrictions we should know about with regards to erecting and dismantling our marquees.
  • Other services – Do you need toilets or a generator? We have our own equipment, so including them in your marquee package can make them cheaper.
  • Other items – Are you planning on hiring in any other equipment that will need space in the marquee ie sweet trolleys, selfie booths? We will need to take these into account when working out the size of your marquee.
  • Specifics – We understand that you want your event to be perfect so you need to let us know if there’s anything specific that you want in the way of chairs, lighting, or drapes.

Once you’ve filled in our form below we can offer you a basic quote, then we can meet you onsite to run through various options of how to make the best use of your venue with windows and other key elements.

If you would like us to give you a call and run through some options we can then give you a verbal quote, but this will not be as accurate as filling out our form below.

Please Note: All quotes provided are subject to a site inspection.

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