There will be a lot of questions that the first time marquee hirer will have. Below are some of the more frequently asked:-

Where do you operate?

Carron Marquees has organised weddings, parties and events across Surrey, Hampshire, West Sussex and Berkshire.

How do I work out the size of the marquee I need?

We will give you an estimate based on the number of people and whether your event is fully seated, part-seated or standing only, but this does not take into account, bar, buffet, or dance floor areas. Following our site visit, we will be able to give you a better idea of the size of marquee best suited for your event.

What happens if my guest numbers change?

Ideally we would like your final numbers two weeks before the event we can adjust furniture numbers and if necessary the size of the marquee. You will only be charged for the equipment supplied.

Do you need to see where I want my marquee sited?

Yes, it is important that we visit the marquee hire site. Apart from the opportunity to meet you, it gives us a chance to survey the site for suitability. If all is well, we will provide you with a plan of the marquee, together with a fully itemized marquee hire quotation to show you exactly what we can offer. Our site visits are free and without obligation.

When do you erect the marquee?

Typically, we would erect your marquee 2 – 3 days prior to your event and take it down within a similar time scale. With enough prior warning we will always try and fit in with any requests, but to achieve this, the earlier we are notified the better.

Does it matter if my garden has a slope?

A slight slope is nothing to worry about. A more pronounced slope is not a problem for the marquee structure but may be uncomfortable for guests, especially at a seated event. We will advise when we conduct our site visit.

What do I do about insurance cover?

Carron Marquees have public and products liability insurance with an indemnity limit of £10,000,000. Our insurance is included with your hire to cover our equipment

Do you supply heating in your marquees?

Our heaters are on standby all year round so if the weather is unseasonably cool we can supply at the last minute! Even in the depths of winter we can ensure that your marquee will be dry, comfortable and warm. Our Marquees make ideal venues for Christmas and New Year parties. You can capture the beauty and convenience of a marquee event even in winter.

Do we need a generator?

Marquee lighting, heating and music don’t require much power and therefore don’t normally call for a generator. However, if your caterers are cooking in a catering tent using electricity rather than gas, then a generator will probably be necessary.

What other equipment can you supply?

We supply everything for the Marquee – furniture, lining, lighting and flooring plus other items such as generators, Heaters and Luxury Loos. If we don’t supply an item then we have a recommended list of suppliers for you to choose from.

Why don’t you supply coconut matting?

Heels can get stuck in coconut matting so we only use event cord carpet in our marquees. The beige carpet gives a similar look but keeps its shape better and doesn’t catch those heels!

What is the difference between lined and unlined marquees?

Lined marquees are more luxurious and are an essential element of a traditional wedding-style marquee. With unlined marquees, the PVC walls and marquee structure are fully visible, making them more suitable for functional or casual events. Most of the marquees illustrated in our case studies are lined.

What sort of events do you do?

We provide marquees for all sorts of events: weddings, parties, corporate events, birthday parties, christenings, school balls, charity fundraisers, Christmas, leaving parties, funerals – whenever you want to entertain a number of people.

Can you attach marquees to an existing building?

Because they need no pegs or guy ropes our framed marquee structures can easily be linked to a building and joined to form a variety of shapes and sizes. Covered walkways are another option.

Could a marquee damage cables or pipes underneath the site?

If cabling or pipework is near the surface, damage is possible. So please inform us if any water mains or electrical cabling are close to the ground.

Will your marquees damage our garden?

Grass that has been covered for several days will not look its best but recovers quickly. We are always very careful not to damage plants if flowerbeds are included in a marquee.

How safe are your marquees?

Our marquees are sturdy, and we always ensure that they are properly anchored. They are made in accordance with EC Safety Standards and manufactured to withstand wind loading of up to 60 mph. This is adequate for all but the fiercest of gales. All our marquees are made from materials that conform to British Standard specifications and are fully fire resistant.