A Marquee is a sophisticated and impressive tent like structure featuring material walls which are constructed around a frame to create a space which can be used for social events such as weddings and parties or corporate gatherings. Although a marquee is often associated with summer weddings and events, they can be fitted with strategically placed heaters making them a warm and inviting space for use any time of the year. They are increasingly becoming a popular, year-round event venue. The ways that marquees can be used are endless and they work well for any type of event from weddings and birthdays through to corporate awards and functions. A marquee is a bespoke space where you can choose the decorations, colour schemes, lighting etc to suit your event.

How Are They Used For an Event?

The main use for a marquee is as the main venue, but it can also be used as an “add-on” to a building for extra space or a side area. If marquees are required for the event itself, usually a larger marquee will be constructed to accommodate all of the guests. They can be decorated in themes or styles to suit the event and they can be fitted with a variety of features such as floors and wall linings to create the ultimate indoor space. They are great for evening events because they allow guests to attend an outdoor venue next to a lake or in some gardens without having to brave the chilly night-time air.

When used as a side area there tends to be a large open space, perhaps an open garden or a beachfront where the event is being held. It’s in this open space that the main segment of the event is happening, so there will be a lot of furniture here such as tables and chairs and even a bar perhaps, with the marquee set to one side. This is designed so that guests, should it start to rain, or they want to head inside, will be able to venture under the marquee and still remain a part of the event.


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Different Types of Marquee

A marquee can come in a variety of sizes, designed to cater for the needs of any event. For example, some are nice and small, designed for smaller events that just need a bit of shelter from the weather for those guests that like to get out of the sun, up to large ones that will hold over 100 guests easily. Other marquees are used as an add on to a venue to house catering or entertainment for example.

Not only are the sizes different, but there’s also many different styles too. For weddings, marquees are available with a more elegant styling suited for the occasion, whereas this may be a bit too fancy for a simple office party. The range of marquees is great, ensuring there’s always something to your every need. Most marquees can be completely customised to suit your event and they offer a blank canvas for you to work with to create something really special.

As well as the styling you’ll find that the shape of the marquee is varied as well. The different shapes are great for various different events, as if you’re having a get together and you’d like a marquee on the side then you may be inclined to have a rounded style one. If you’re having a wedding dinner and the tables are in rows, then a longer one may be more suitable.

You’ll find that the shape of the marquee is affected by the number of guests and the layout, so if you’re holding a reception you may want a stage, a dance floor, plenty of seats and a bar. To get this into a rounded style marquee may be difficult, however with a longer, straighter one then you could easily have the stage and dance floor on one end and the bar on the other, leaving plenty of room for tables in the middle.

How Would I be Able to Get One For My Event?

Marquees are available for hire which allows you to use it whenever you like. You’ll be able to set it up whenever you need it and wherever you need it, being able to host events or provide the marquee for any events required.

Most people tend to hire the marquee for 4 days, allowing the marquee provider to come and set the marquee up and ensure its safe for use, and then pick it up after the event. It’s popular for hosts to add their own decoration so having the marquee set up a day in advance gives the host this option. By hiring one it means that they’ll have the marquee for the event, able to use and enjoy it before letting it go once it’s no longer required.

Choosing the Right Supplier

To make sure that you get the best supplier and the best marquee for you and your event, it’s important to get in touch with the company and make sure that you’re getting what you need. This will allow you to understand the costs, the marquee you’ll be getting and the type of people that you’ll be working with. Your marquee supplier will want to meet you at your proposed venue to check that the site is suitable and to discuss the most suitable marquee and accessories for your event. You can always speak to a friendly and knowledgeable team who will be able to advise on your options and recommend the best marquee for your event.

Before you hire your marquee, write down any questions that you may have about the marquee itself or the hiring process. Some example questions could include:

  • Will the marquee and equipment be insured?
  • When will the marquee be put up and taken down?
  • Do you supply any furniture and/or additional services, such as generators or toilets?
  • If we need to make any tweaks before the day, would this be possible?

If you know what questions to ask and you have your event properly planned you will be able to make sure that the marquee you choose is a good fit for your event, whatever it might be.

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