Installing a marquee is a great way to add some extra pzazz to your event, but do you need to cut the grass before installing it?

Marquee companies generally recommend cutting the grass to make installation easier and to avoid damaging the marquee. However, if your lawn is relatively short and there is no debris on the ground, you may be able to get away with skipping this step.

In this blog post, we will explore what you need to do before installing a marquee and provide some tips for making the process as smooth as possible. Let’s get started!

Installing a Marquee: Should you cut the Grass First or is That Even Necessary?

While marquees are typically installed on grass, this isn’t always the case. If you are unsure about what kind of ground your marquee will be set up on, make sure to call ahead and ask your vendor if they recommend mowing before installation.

As long as there isn’t too much debris on the ground and you’ve left the grass as free of debris as possible, you might be able to get away without cutting it before installing your marquee. However, if there is debris like twigs or rocks on the ground, you should clear it away beforehand.

Doing so can help make installation easier and may help prevent damage to the material of the marquee. If you are unsure about what to do with your lawn before installing a marquee, you can call your local rental company to get their recommendations.

How do I cut the Grass Before Installing my Marquee?

If you do need to mow the lawn before your event, make sure to also use a grass catcher and be aware of any water lines, sprinkler systems, or other obstructions in the garden before you start mowing.

Make sure to leave an area around the marquee clear of any obstructions such as rocks or twigs on the ground, and give yourself enough room to operate a lawn mower safely. This is especially important if you need to mow before installing your marquee over concrete.

Remember not to leave the grass too long because it will become harder for people to walk on and it could potentially damage the material of your marquee. Generally, you want to aim for roughly an inch of grass.

How Should I Prepare my Lawn Before Installing a Marquee?

If you are planning on hosting the marquee event in your garden, and you do decide to cut the grass before installing your marquee, make sure to take extra special care to keep it maintained.

You will have a lot of traffic on your lawn throughout the event, so having short, freshly mowed grass will help keep everyone safe and healthy. If your guests are not sure where they can walk, they may be tempted to walk on the grass.

Is There Anything Else I Must Do Before Installing My Marquee?

If you are setting up your marquee over grass, the company providing the equipment will most likely lay down a tarp over the area to protect it before they set it up. This stops water coming up onto carpet and must be removed when the marquee is dismantled.


Contact us for professional installation and maintenance!

We can help you get your marquee installed so that it looks great all year round. If the lawn isn’t properly cut before we install, then there will be a noticeable difference in how the grass grows out from under the canopy of shade provided by our portable structures.