One of the key benefits we champion here at Carron Marquees is the versatility of marquee events. Providing you with a completely clean canvas, they are the perfect solution to small-scale and larger events alike. And, the beauty is that they can quite literally be erected anywhere. We get a lot of people asking us, ‘Can I host a marquee event in my garden?’. So we thought we’d create this short and sweet blog post to answer just that today.

Well, can I?

The short answer is – yes. Marquees are one of the most versatile event hosting spaces. They can be erected on nearly every type of ground, with additional anchoring if needed to ensure they are as stable as possible. Tie-down kits allow it to be pinned into the grass – which is the ideal scenario. However, water and weight ballasts can also be used to secure marquees on surfaces where pinning isn’t possible – such as concrete or on paving stones.

But, will I have enough space?

Another thing that we love about marquees is the wide variety of sizes and shapes that they come in. Our Chinese Hat marquees, for example, are perfect for smaller venues. They are available in 2 sizes – 3m x 3m or 6m x 6m and can be erected in no time to cover the space in your garden. This means you’ll have a covered area to entertain which is easy to dress in celebration decorations. Whether you’re looking to host a wedding reception on a budget or ring in the birthday of a special family member, these smaller spaces are perfect. They can be paired with sides and windows to ward against adverse weather and can even be paired together if you’ve got a larger outdoor area to use.

Marquees are truly one of the most versatile and personalisable options when it comes to hosting those events to remember. And, we truly believe that no matter your budget or location restraints, there is an option that promises to work for you. If you are considering a garden soiree and would like advice from our team of experts, please do get in contact with us here at Carron Marquees.