Hiring a marquee for your wedding, family party or corporate get-together is an exciting prospect. A marquee offers an elegant solution for catering to large groups of guests, and it makes the most of the space you have.

However, before getting your marquee on site, there are some essential things you need to consider concerning placement. Certain factors can have a significant impact on where your marquee can go, and you need to know about these before you arrange your hire with us.


When deciding where your marquee is going to go, the ideal spot will be flat, level and free of obstacles like rocks and drips in the terrain.

However, the land doesn’t need to be spirit level flat, because we understand that this isn’t always possible. We offer a range of flooring options that can go on top of the soil, grass and stone surfaces.

The best approach is to take a good look at the land if you are hiring a venue and nail down – ahead of time – what looks like the best spot.

Potential Hazards

Another very important area to think about when planning the location for your marquee is the presence of things like overhead power lines and any pipes or cabling that might run underneath.

With bigger marquees – like our clear span marquees – you need to make a quick assessment that there are no nearby overhead power lines.

Our Clear Span (Frame) Marquees are most suited to larger events (200+ Seated). In particular, our 25m Marquee can seat up to 850 guests for a large Ball or Corporate event.

At the same time, it’s a good idea to ask the venue, if you are hiring one if there are any areas to stay away from and where they recommend. If you are using your own land, you should have a good idea of any underground pipes or cables that you want to avoid. Carron Marquees can test for underground services if you are unsure


The practicality of access is something you need to consider very carefully when choosing where you want your marquee to go.

Will vehicles need to deliver stereo and other equipment to the site? If so, how close can they get? You also need to think about your guests and how easy it will be for them to make their way to the marquee. If there are elderly guests or those with disabilities, will they find it easy to get to and from the marquee?

All of these are important questions, but with a little legwork and some forethought, you should be able to find the perfect spot for your marquee.