Marquee hire has the power to elevate any event, providing a unique and captivating atmosphere that your guests will remember. With Carron Marquees, you can enjoy exceptional quality, innovation, and service. We offer a diverse range of traditional canvas and clear-span marquees, each one a blank canvas for you to create your vision. Perfect for everything from intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, these beautiful structures are fully customisable to meet your specific preferences and event requirements.

The Carron Marquees Difference: Quality and Innovation

At Carron Marquees, our commitment to quality and innovation sets us apart. We invest in top-of-the-range materials and continuously refine our designs to ensure your event stands out. With our unparalleled customer service, you can trust us to deliver an exceptional experience.

The Timeless Elegance of Traditional Canvas Marquees

The Rich Heritage of Traditional Marquees

Traditional marquees have a long and storied history. Today, they continue to provide an air of sophistication and elegance to events, making them an enduringly popular choice.

Endless Customisation Options to Match Your Vision

Traditional style marquees offer numerous customisation possibilities, allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere for your event. From luxury marquee hire with interior linings, drapes, and swags to pole tent marquees adorned with fairy lights, the options are truly limitless.

Versatility for Various Functions and Venues

  • Intimate Gatherings and Elegant Soirées: Whether you’re hosting an intimate garden party or a more formal evening event, traditional marquees provide the perfect setting. Their elegant appearance and adaptability make them an excellent choice for a variety of occasions.
  • Large-scale Weddings and Corporate Events: Traditional marquees are also suitable for larger functions, such as weddings and corporate events. With the ability to accommodate a considerable number of guests, these marquees can be transformed into stunning venues that leave a lasting impression.

Enhance Your Event with Complementary Accessories

  • Interior Linings, Drapes, and Swags: Elevate the style of your traditional marquee with the addition of interior linings, drapes, and swags. These elements can create a cohesive look and add an extra touch of elegance to your event space.
  • Chandeliers, Fairy Lights, and Premium Flooring: Complete your luxury marquee hire with premium accessories like chandeliers, fairy lights, and luxurious flooring options. These details will elevate your event, ensuring it’s an unforgettable experience for all who attend.

The Modern Allure of Clear Span Marquees

The Architectural Beauty of Clear Span Structures

Clear span marquees boast an impressive, modern design that offers both style and functionality. Their clean lines and open interiors create a stunning visual impact that is perfect for contemporary events.

Functional Advantages of Clear Span Marquees

  • Unobstructed Interiors for Seamless Event Flow: The clear span design eliminates internal support poles, resulting in unobstructed interior spaces. This open layout facilitates smooth event flow and maximises available space, making it ideal for larger gatherings.
  • Adaptable Sizes and Configurations: Clear span marquees can be configured to accommodate various event sizes and layouts, ensuring a custom fit for your unique needs.

Suitable for Diverse Event Types and Locations

  • Exquisite Outdoor Weddings and Parties: Clear span marquees provide a sleek and sophisticated backdrop for outdoor weddings and parties, allowing you to create a truly magical event space.
  • Prestigious Corporate and Sporting Events: Their modern aesthetic makes clear span marquees an excellent choice for corporate functions, exhibitions, marquee tents, and sporting events. With their clean lines and adaptability, these structures convey a professional and polished appearance.

Effortless Style and Customisation Opportunities

  • Elegant Window Walls and Doors: Enhance the appearance of your clear span marquee with elegant window walls and doors. These features allow natural light to flood the space, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere.
  • Bespoke Branding and Theming Options: Take your event to the next level with custom branding and theming opportunities. From logo displays to colour coordinated linings and drapes, clear span marquees offer ample opportunities for personalisation.

Marquee Safety and Compliance Measures

Ensuring Safety and Comfort for Your Guests

  • Weather-resistant Materials and Designs: Carron Marquees employs weather-resistant materials and designs to ensure the safety and comfort of your guests. Our marquees are built to withstand various weather conditions, from strong winds to heavy rain, allowing you to enjoy a worry-free event.
  • Stringent Safety Standards and Regulations: All Carron Marquees structures adhere to safety standards and regulations, ensuring the well-being of both you and your guests.

Expert Installation, Maintenance, and Dismantling Services

  • Trained and Experienced Technicians: Carron Marquee’s team of skilled technicians will expertly install, maintain, and dismantle your marquee, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.
  • Comprehensive Site Assessments and Planning: Prior to marquee installation, thorough site assessments and planning are conducted to guarantee a flawless fit and optimal event layout.

Mitigating Environmental Impact with Sustainable Practices

  • Energy-efficient Heating and Lighting Solutions: Carron Marquees offers energy-efficient heating and lighting solutions to minimise environmental impact, providing a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative for your event.

Expert Event Planning and Coordination with Carron Marquees

Collaborating with Our Dedicated Team of Professionals

  • Personalised Consultations and Event Design: Carron Marquee’s experienced event designers will work closely with you to create a bespoke event plan tailored to your vision and requirements.
  • Seamless Integration with Your Event Planner or Coordinator: Carron Marquees is happy to collaborate with your existing event planner or coordinator, ensuring a streamlined and cohesive planning process.

Access to Our Extensive Network of Trusted Suppliers

  • Catering, Entertainment, Furniture, and Floral Services: Through Carron Marquee’s extensive network of trusted suppliers, you’ll have access to expert catering, entertainment, furniture, and floral services to elevate your event to new heights.
  • Transportation, Accommodations, and Audiovisual Equipment: Carron Marquees can also assist with securing transportation, accommodations, and audiovisual equipment, taking the stress out of event coordination.

Comprehensive Event Management for a Flawless Experience

  • Diligent Scheduling and Logistics Planning: From scheduling to logistics planning, Carron Marquees event management team will handle every detail, ensuring a flawless and well-executed event.
  • On-site Supervision and Support throughout Your Event: Dedicated on-site supervision and support can be provided throughout your event, ensuring all aspects run smoothly and according to plan.


How can I choose the right marquee for my event?

Consider factors such as event size, location, and desired atmosphere when selecting the perfect marquee for your event. Carron Marquees team of experts is always on hand to guide you through the decision-making process.

Can traditional marquees be used for large events?

Absolutely! Traditional marquees can be scaled to accommodate larger events, providing an elegant and timeless backdrop for your celebration.

Are clear span marquees suitable for uneven or challenging terrains?

Yes, clear span marquees are designed to be versatile and can be installed on various terrains, including uneven or challenging surfaces. Carron Marquees site assessments and expert installation ensure a secure and stable structure for your event.

How can I ensure my marquee event complies with safety regulations?

By partnering with a reputable and experienced marquee hire company like Carron Marquees, you can rest assured that all safety regulations and standards are met, guaranteeing a safe and enjoyable event for your guests.

What additional services does Carron Marquees offer for flawless event execution?

Carron Marquees offers numerous additional services to ensure your event runs smoothly, such as event planning and coordination, access to trusted suppliers, and on-site supervision and support.

Conclusion: Transform Your Next Event with Carron Marquees

The Power of Marquees to Enhance Your Event’s Atmosphere and Experience

The right marquee has the power to transform your event into an unforgettable experience, elevating the atmosphere and leaving a lasting impression on your guests.

Harnessing the Advantages of Traditional and Clear Span Marquees

By choosing Carron Marquees, you can harness the advantages of both traditional and clear span marquees, creating a bespoke event space that perfectly captures your vision.

Partnering with Carron Marquees for Unparalleled Quality, Service, and Elegance

When you partner with Carron Marquees, you’re choosing a company committed to delivering unparalleled quality, service, and elegance for your marquee hire needs. With our expertise and diverse range of options, we will help you bring your dream event to life.

Ready to make your event truly memorable? Contact Carron Marquees today to discuss how our exquisite marquee options can make your vision a reality. Let us help you create an event that your guests will discuss for years.