Marquee Linings – are they something you’ve considered? Here at Carron Marquees, we have worked with many clients over the years. And, this experience has given us knowledge of what are the most impactful features in a marquee event. Marquee linings are one of them. Able to transform a plain and uninspiring space into one that’s brimming with personality and style, they are absolutely essential. When you’re planning a wedding, party or corporate event, it’s normal to bypass lesser recognised features. However, in this blog, we’re going to show you everything you need to know about marquees and how to choose the best options.

What Is a Marquee Lining?

As the name suggests, a marquee lining ‘lines’ the inside of a marquee. Linings are normally made from flame-retardant polyester and can, therefore, be manufactured in a host of colours and patterns. When you consider the empty expanse of a marquee, it’s easy to see why they’re a popular choice.

Why Use Marquee Linings?

With all of the other things you need to consider during a marquee event, you may be wondering whether you really need a lining. And, the short answer is no – you don’t NEED one but we can think of a host of reasons why you may WANT one.

  • Cover Framework – This is perhaps the most practical solution that linings offer. They provide a stylish cover that hides away the unsightly parts of Frame marquees and keeps your event looking pulled together.
  • Enhance a Theme – The beauty of marquees is their ability to be dressed to suit any theme. From the simple through to the extravagant, these plain spaces are perfect for letting your wildest imaginations come true. Marquee linings help to accentuate themes. They come in a wide range of colours, styles and designs that can pull your event together and make everything look more professional.
  • Solve Common Issues – Some marquee events depend on dramatic lighting to make an impact. During the day, sunlight flooding through the canvas walls can throw this and weaken the effect of all your hard work. Blackout marquee liners do as the name suggests – they blackout all external light to help you work freely with the space indoors.
  • Add Additional Lighting – One of our favourite liners (which we’ll discuss more below) are those with in-built LED lighting. They can be used to both add more light and create a breathtaking display that promises to stay in the minds of every single guest.
  • Range of Styles – Marquee linings don’t just have to be draped around the walls of your marquee. They can be pleated, used on waister walls or crafted into window/ceiling drapes. This variety of styles gives you true flexibility with your event and a simple addition that makes a big impact.
  • Suitable for Other Venues – Marquee linings are restricted to this one type of event. We have also had customers in the past hire them for barns, halls or additional venues with the right ceiling heights. This is perfect if you’re splitting your event between two locations and want the theme to hold true throughout.
15m Frame with coloured lining
Ivory Linings, Coloured swags, Uplighters and Pinspots
Coloured lining

What Options Are Available?

Technology has allowed the range of marquee linings on the market to expand. This means there is an option out there for everyone, whether you’re opting for traditional or modern styles.

Ivory Linings

A popular option that continues to be the choice for weddings is our ivory marquee linings. Paired with fairy lights, they create a magical scene that fills the room with love. Alternatively, on their own, these linings bring together classic settings easily and allow the focus to be directed to the most appropriate area. All while covering up the framework and creating a cosy environment for every single guest.

Coloured Linings

The most basic (but highly effective) option for marquee linings are still those available in a range of colours. These can be hung in blocks, enveloping your event space in a single colour. Or they can be alternated to include your wedding colours or those of your branding. And, they pair well with other accessories including marquee lighting and decor.

Twinkling Linings

As we mentioned above, our star cloth is a black sheet, punctured with hundreds of twinkling lights. It brings the magic of the night sky into your event and is something to be admired. The lights can be controlled and programmed to twinkly intermittently or shine brightly depending on your needs. And, these linings can be incorporated with other coloured options to give full personalisation options for your needs.

Pleated Linings

Pleated linings are wonderfully traditional. They create a draped look that sits loosely along the marquee frame. As you can imagine, this style is very popular for weddings as it has an undeniable romance in its aesthetics. They can be paired with chandeliers and ornate floral designs to produce events that take your breath away instantly.

Choosing the Right Marquee Lining for You

As with all decisions when it comes to your marquee event, choosing the right linings comes entirely down to personal choice. We would recommend considering the following pointers:

  • What is your theme?
  • Do you have a specific colour pallet you’re working with?
  • What ceiling lighting or decorations do you have planned?
  • Is it a traditional, modern or contemporary event?
  • What will make the biggest impact?

Our team at Carron Marquees work with clients every single day who create events to remember. From weddings and parties through to corporate events and festivals, we know how to make linings work in every setting. If you need advice or would like to speak to one of our representatives, please do get in contact here today.

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Marquee Linings
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