Hosting a corporate marquee event can support business goals and help to put across key action points needed for the upcoming year or quarter. Whether used to celebrate recent successes or as a way of sharing a new ethos, marquee events allow employees to take a step out of the norm. This guide will help you during the planning stages, highlighting all the key areas you should focus on to get the most out of your event.

Consider The Location

One of the most popular things about marquee events is flexibility when it comes to location. As long as a landowner will hire out the field or open space to you, there is a marquee available for the job. This means that you have more freedom when it comes to choosing dates and settings for your event. Say your business is focused on environmentally-friendly practices and sustainability.

Perhaps the purpose of your corporate event is to share some of the important activities you’ve been doing or have lined up to support this. A great way to integrate this in with your physical event would be to use a Clear Span Marquee without sides in a picturesque, country setting. You’ll be able to incorporate the beauty of your surroundings into the decorations, drawing on the idea of nature, greenery and healthy living. Location really is everything when it comes to unforgettable event planning.


Any event planner knows that the best way to unify all aspects of a corporate event is through a theme. And marquees give you completely free reign when it comes to utilising decoration and accessories to reinforce themes. The clean backdrops can be customised with dramatic marquee lighting, coloured marquee linings, appropriate furniture and even appropriate dance floors if needed. We’ve got a number of suggestions for Summer corporate events in our blog post here, but our best advice is to pick something memorable that will have your employees talking.

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Corporate events tend to fall into two categories – all day or half-day. The choice here depends on whether you need employees to get back to their workstations promptly to minimise downtime. Some businesses block in whole days or two-days in an annual calendar to accommodate for corporate events. Others want to share important information but want to incorporate this into a normal working day.

The flexibility of marquee events is their ability to accommodate this point entirely. Most marquee hire companies will provide a marquee for the entire day, giving you time to set up and tidy away without a time limit. From here, the options are yours as to how much time you need to get a specific message across.


With corporate events, while it’s important to get the key messages across, you need to take into consideration the comfort of your employees. The best way to make sure the most important points are taken away and digested is to ensure they have an enjoyable time. So comfort is key.

Consider factors such as lighting. Can all presentation equipment and the speaking platform be seen easily from all seating positions in the room? Do you need to hire additional lighting to improve this? Take into account noise too and whether speakers will be needed to ensure the message gets across. Temperature can also be an issue during colder and warmer months. Marquee heaters can be used to remove the chill or hiring generators to accommodate air conditioning units if needed.

You’ll also need to consider the availability of food and drink throughout the day. Do you need to hire a full catering company to keep larger groups refreshed or can you have food delivered that is passed out by employees?


Planning your day out to the hour is vital for ensuring success. You’ll likely have a large group of individuals who need to be in a specific place at a specific time. Plus, there are lunchtimes to take into account along with transport to and from the marquee and any personalised entertainment you’ve planned in. We can’t recommend highly enough that you take the time to block out every hour of the event. Even if your guests will be spending the majority of the time in one place, you’ll want to know where all the suppliers need to be at any given time to ensure you’re never running late.

Reliable Contractors

When hosting an event, you want everything to go as smoothly as possible. A detailed itinerary will definitely help with this but you also want a team of reliable and professional contractors, suppliers and organisers on hand. Many marquee hire companies, such as the team here at Carron Marquees, have years of experience working with businesses looking to host events just like yours.

This gives us the ability to highlight lesser-known important factors, ensure a smooth-running installation process and plan a layout that supports your needs. Putting your trust in the right people takes out much of the headache involved in organising large events and allows you to focus on driving success.

Planning a corporate event can be a fun and enjoyable experience. The freedom available with choosing themes and dressing a marquee allows you to really emphasize your businesses ethos and goals. As a team, we can help you design and create a seminar, conference or corporate party that your employees will remember for many months to come. We offer a wide range of different marquee styles that can be customised to your needs, along with ancillary items such as marquee linings, luxury loos and dance floors to truly make your event, an event to watch.

If you would like to discuss a project with us, have a specific enquiry or just want more information about any of our marquees, get in contact with the team here today. We’re happy to help.