Planning a Summer corporate event is great fun, however, it can be difficult knowing what theme would work best for your business. There are so many options to choose from and sometimes the choice can be overwhelming. To narrow down your options slightly, we have put together a list of the top four theme ideas that could be worth investigating further. Neon

When you think of neon, then chances are that you will have visions of raves and discos. However, neon is a great idea for a summer corporate event. Especially if you are trying to bring a spot of fun to the event. We love the idea of decorating a marquee with a variety of neon additions, as this will really brighten up the space, as well as encouraging all the attendees to wear their brightest colours too.

Great Gatsby

Vintage is a big thing at the moment, and one of the most popular vintage event theme ideas has to be the Great Gatsby. There is a real sense of glamour and luxury about this particular theme, however, the good news about choosing it for your event is that you can still achieve the look and feel, but all on a much lower budget.

Crazy Hats

Depending on the type of event that you are organising, a big and extravagant theme is not always going to work, which means that you need to think of something a little smaller and easier to put in place. It might sound a little basic, but Crazy Hats work really well. You can encourage your attendees to wear their own choice of clothes, but to make their outfits a whole lot more fun with some crazy hats.


What say’s party more than a Luau? This beach party theme is ideal for a marquee event in the Summer and best of all, if the weather is less than Hawaiian in its nature, then you can always bring the beach party indoors. Think tropical drinks, plenty of delicious food and of course some grass skirts too.

Black and White

Monochrome is a classic combination and it is popular for a reason. It is not only simple, but it is elegant and stylish too. Black and white themes work really well in a marquee based event as it won’t take you long to decorate and it will look truly beautiful too. Black and white themes also work great for your attendees too, as it is easy for you to choose the right outfits.


It might be one of the more obvious choices for a theme out there, but movies are popular for a reason. Not only is it easy to create a movie themed event and decorate a marquee to fit in with this, but it is also great for your attendees too. It is easy to find a costume/outfit and it is also great fun!. No matter which theme that you choose for your summer event, one thing is for sure, if you put the time and effort in, then you won’t have to worry about it going right, it just will.