Corporate events are your chance to ensure the most important messages of the year are clearly passed on. And, when working with larger groups, it’s important you make an impression. If your business only hosts one of these all-encompassing events per year, you want to make sure every employee comes away remembering everything that has been portrayed. Forget about stuffy conference rooms or hotel suites – marquees are the way to host a truly unforgettable corporate event this year. Today, we look at 3 reasons why we think you should be hiring one for this year’s annual get together.

Location, location, location

Everyone has been to a hotel conference. Everyone’s experienced those dingy rooms, filled with uncomfortable chairs and soggy sandwiches that no one wants. And, how many of us really remember much about it other than the unrelenting feeling of wanting to escape? Now, take that same conference / corporate event and move it outside into the gorgeous British countryside. Allow your employees to spend their ‘lunch breaks’ dining al fresco in beautiful surroundings and feel the cool air floating through the marquee as you deliver that important message. The beauty of marquees is their ability to be erected anywhere so you have free reign of location. And we guarantee they’ll be remembered.

Imaginative themes

If you’re a regular organiser of corporate events, you’ll understand the restrictions on decorating. Although many halls will try their best to accommodate your needs, space or layout can still hinder your ability to express your theme perfectly. Marquees are a blank canvas that can be fully personalised. Add an extra corridor if you want to impress employees as they walk in. Expand the structure out to the side if that large dance floor you’ve had planned needs a bit more space. Or, if you want to include entertainment, open up the side and allow acts like fire breathers and jugglers to utilise as much outdoor space as possible.

Personalise the interior

With a marquee, you can tailor the lighting, sounds and furniture layout entirely to suit your needs. Corporate events come in all shapes and sizes with different itineraries to match. Choose luxury bar areas for when the day’s message has come to a close or assemble round tables when there is a need for group activities – the choice is entirely yours. Lights and speakers can be moved anywhere and your hire team will be able to advise on how best to utilise these features.

There are so many benefits to choosing a marquee for your next corporate event. If we’ve piqued your interest, get in touch with Carron Marquees today for a free, no-obligation consultation.