Whether you are planning an event for lots of guests or you are having just a small gathering, the design of your marquee is so important. You will have your own preferences and ideas about themes and designs for the perfect marquee and it allows you to create something unique that you will probably never see or experience again. There are lots of different elements to your marquee design from the flooring to the lighting and flowers to the tables and chairs, but one often overlooked aspect of the design is the marquee lining. Not sure what they are? A marquee lining is basically the interior walls of the marquee.

Traditionally, most marquee linings are ivory rather than white because it’s a colour that offers a touch of class to the decorations and it proves more practical than a white lining. When used properly, they can really lift a marquee design and they can be pleated, ruched or set up as a flat design to suit whatever style you have chosen. When complemented with other decorative elements, they can look sophisticated and stylish, allowing you to completely transform the interior of your marquee.

Benefits of using marquee linings:

The use of marquee linings can create such an inviting space for you and your guests as they celebrate your wedding. There are lots of benefits to using marquee linings including:

  • They are available in a range of colours, styles and designs including blackout lining, linings that feature LED lighting and dividing reveal curtains to name a few.
  • A lining will allow you to really customise the design of your marquee, customising the atmosphere, look and feel of the interior to reflect your theme or style.
  • Flexible designs that can be used in so many different ways, including the walls and ceiling.
  • Designs include pleats, waisted wall and window drapes or ceilings. Choose a set of marquee linings that can be added to the ceiling and walls that perfectly fit in with the theme of your event.

A lot of thought, time and effort will go into the design of your marquee and a marquee lining will certainly add the finishing touches, whether you opt for a plain design or something more elaborate, a high-quality lining can really make all the difference. Elegance, sophistication and class are just some of the words that can be used to describe marquee linings when they are incorporated into the interior design.