A marquee can add a twist to your corporate event while keeping it professional, with an informal injection that puts everyone at ease. A marquee will also be more memorable than a traditional corporate event, which is a great way to remain in your clients or guests’ mind.

The right marquee can make a big statement and every marquee can be personalised into a space that suits your needs.

What truly makes a memorable corporate event though?


No corporate event should be left in the dark, instead, brighten up your event with lighting that fits the theme. We have so many lighting options to choose from, that it might be hard to pick, but let’s talk about some of our favourites.

Garden uplights will help guide the way to your corporate marquee, while chandeliers would work wonders for a formal awards ceremony.


Don’t give your guests the cold shoulder, instead, make sure your marquee is heated up. Our heaters mean you can hold your corporate event at any point in the year, and you will not have to worry about guests shivering away from your event.


A bar is not just about the drinking element it can also be an important place for your guests to gather, but you just need to have the right bar that fits your theme. A creative bar design could make your corporate event more memorable than others.

Tables and chairs

Even elements like tables and chairs can transform your event from bland to memorable! We have a range of distinctive chairs, from silver banqueting to bistro chairs. You can even have round tables for an intimate affair or long tables for ease of moving around.

As an added bonus, since you are hiring the furniture you are being eco-friendly by not buying new items and then disregarding them or holding them on your premise for a long duration of time.

Dance floors

Transform your corporate event from a formal event into a social event where your guests engage and bond on the dance floor. No matter the theme, we have flooring that will allow your guests to cut loose and enjoy themselves. Your guests should feel relaxed and a dance floor could do exactly that.

Make a memorable corporate event now

If you want to make your corporate event memorable, feel free to contact a member of our team today.