Experiential marketing as a whole is an approach that ensures that customers and target audiences of a brand will be able to interact and engage with that brand in a sensory way. It brings the brand to life, which targets a core audience and helps to make sure that all of the key values of that brand are communicated to its audience. All in a way that is going to be remembered.

One of the biggest parts of experiential marketing has to be an experiential event, after all, the very best way to bring a brand to life and to experience it, is to be there in person.

An experiential event can come in a variety of forms and the one that you will choose really depends on your industry and the type of audience that you are trying to appeal to.

Some of the most common approaches include PR stunts, flash mobs, pop up shows, festivals sponsored by the brand, or perhaps an appearance at an established festival.

Why make the effort to set up an experiential event?

It is no secret that an experiential event can be tricky to set up and manage, however, we can promise you that it will be worth it in the long run. Some of the key benefits of making the effort to set up an experiential event include:

  • Enhancements to a brand’s image
  • Encourage interaction
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Strengthen the relationship between customer and brand
  • Turns customers into brand advocates
  • Generates media coverage of your brand

We can promise you that whilst you may find that this type of event takes more planning, that in the end you will really feel the benefit and before long, you will want to plan your next event and be thinking about new ways to give an experience to your all-important customers. Hiring a marquee is just the start of planning a corporate event. You need to think about the theme, you need to think about the style of the event, and you need to think about the kind of impression that you leave those who have attended your event with. All of these things will come together to make sure that your event is a success, that it is one that people never forget.