Corporate events are the one time a year where businesses can show appreciation for the hard work of their employees. No matter whether you’re hosting a bi-quarterly meeting or celebrating the end of the financial year, the option for different themes is extensive.

Marquees provide an ideal space to allow businesses to express their creativity. Many companies fall short by organising a corporate event that is just that – too corporate. A single search online will return a host of different unique themes to inspire you and allow you to give your team the best celebration to date. You can use our list of six quirky themes to inspire the interior décor, entertainment and dress code of your next event.

Ugly Jumper Event

A popular sight in offices over the festive period, an ugly jumper event challenges your colleagues to have more fun with their outfit. Consider offering prizes for the worst jumpers or use forfeits if two people turn up dressed the same.

Four Seasons

An easily interpreted theme, the four seasons allow for a wide scope of design ideas and styles. If colleagues are placed in groups, consider naming each team after a specific season and organizing a quiz for healthy competition. Or simply use flowers, foliage and even our sparkling star marquee lining to transform your event space into a Summer, Spring, Autumn or Winter wonderland instantly.


Take your team out of their comfort zones and shipwreck them on a desert island. Use accessories such as palm trees, sand and brightly coloured lighting to add an exotic theme to your corporate event.


A popular choice for all different events, masquerade balls can be easily incorporated into corporate settings. For evening events, encourage a black tie dress code and provide masks upon arrival. Your interior layout could follow that of a red carpet event with luxurious linings, spotlighting and our premium furniture hire.

Block Colour

For companies seeking simple themes, a block colour event is easy to implement. Choose your brand colour and coordinate everything from the marquee flooring and linings through to the floral decorations. If you’d like to take it one step further, requesting that each member of the team wear an item of clothing in that colour can accentuate the theme easily.


Acrobatic entertainment, red and white marquee linings and carnival-themed decorations will transform a plain room into one of magic. A circus theme is sure to have a strong visual impact for all of your colleagues.

Choosing a unique and quirky theme for your next corporate event guarantees to capture the attention of your team. It helps to make the messages you’re putting across more memorable and builds a sense of unity within your employees.