If you have a marquee wedding planned in the coming months, your colour choices should reflect the season as we are heading into the spring and summer. If you’re still debating your options for your wedding, this guide will give you some inspiration and top tips for choosing the perfect colours that will work perfectly with your theme, incorporate your style and reflect personal preferences. Here are our top picks for bridal colours this season, or any time of the year!

The combination of navy blue suits and pastel wedding dresses, this palette is perfect for weddings and is one that will instantly convey elegance and class. Perfect for warm summer days, pastels create a flawless colour scheme and offer an almost timeless appeal and they can be used for so many different wedding themes.
Coral is a colour of choice for the summer season in 2019, offering a deep warmth that is perfect for those warm summer evenings. When combined with the right blues and greens, light pink and coral colours can be an excellent choice for an upcoming summer wedding.
Soft greens, warm yellows and subtle peach and lilac make for a great combination of wedding colours. A tranquil and warm palette that will look great at any wedding in the warmer months of the year. Whether you are opting for a marquee wedding in the garden or an elaborate church wedding, these colours will perfectly complement the season.
Perfect for vintage themed weddings, this combines a collection of pinks, powder blues and sage to create the ultimate wedding palette. This colour combination will be really brought to life when combined with traditional wedding colours. It can really add the wow factor to any spring or summer wedding.

These are just a few colour schemes that work well in the spring and summer, whether you are choosing something traditional or you want something brighter and bolder, there are so many colour combinations that you can choose from. It’s your wedding and colours are the perfect opportunity to put your own stamp on your wedding.

Your wedding colour scheme really does set the atmosphere so it’s important to make sure your colours complement each other and work well with your theme and the surroundings. Colour inspiration is everywhere but it’s best to choose between three or four basic colours which vary in terms of tone and shade. You can then use these colours when styling your marquee for example or when decorating the interior. Colour choice is part art, part style but when you get it right it can make a venue look incredible.