If you are holding an event in a marquee, perhaps it’s a wedding, a corporate function or a celebration, the chances are you will have music, speeches and even performers attending the event. The sound is an important consideration when you are planning your event. How can you make sure that the speakers, performers and music can be heard clearly by everyone who attends the event?

There are two main causes of audio issues when delivering events. The first is where the wrong equipment is used, usually this happens when the technicians are inexperienced, or the kit hasn’t been installed properly.

The second and perhaps most common problem relates to making adjustments to the styles of the various presenters. Each person who speaks, sings or performs during an event will speak and use the microphone differently.

An experienced audio technician will be able to easily make adjustments on the soundboard to even out the variations that can be found with different presenters, creating a consistent sound for all speakers.

Poor quality sound can ruin a great event. If attendees can only hear a muffled voice in the distance this isn’t going to create the best impression of your event. Good AV equipment can eliminate many of the problems associated with poor sound quality. Choose equipment such as speakers, amplifiers, mixers and microphones that are of the highest standard to ensure that the sound is clear throughout the marquee.

Top Sound Management Tips

#1 Ensure that the PA system can be adjusted to reflect the different speakers or audio requirements.

#2 Find out where the power sources are so you can locate the sound equipment in the right places.

#3 Monitor your equipment throughout the event and make sure you know where all the sound equipment is located around the marquee.

#4 Test and test again. Always make time to thoroughly test the system and undertake a sound check throughout the marquee.

#5 Avoid overloading the sound system which can result in distortions and poor quality sound

If you follow these top tips and ensure that your sound is professionally managed by an experienced technician, there’s no reason why attendees won’t be able to hear sound, music and speeches with clarity, no matter where they are sitting in the marquee.