Marquee weddings are a wonderful way to embrace the UK’s natural beauty. If you’re drawn towards a whimsical English garden wedding or simply want to find unique, quirky and statement pieces to make your special day memorable, consider buying British. Choosing to go for UK-based suppliers and focusing on smaller businesses that craft items by hand can have a host of benefits. In this blog, we’ll look at how you can buy British for your marquee wedding.

Why Buy British?

Historically, Britain has been a thriving hub of commerce, manufacturing products that were famed all across the world for their quality and design. In recent years, there has been a shift away from this. Access to cheaper products through international trade has meant that people are spending more money elsewhere and British trade has faltered. This has begun to shift in recent years, with a growing awareness of the benefits to our UK economy from shopping British. Throw in the pandemic which made access to cheaper, imported goods harder and more people are looking at British suppliers to fund their shopping needs.

How To Shop British For Your Wedding?

The best thing about shopping in Britain is that it’s incredibly easy. Many businesses pride themselves on their local produce, highlighting the fact that they grow or source their goods from reputable manufacturers. Small businesses who make their products by hand are eager to have the custom on UK clients. And, when it comes to being part of your special day, you’ll likely get much more personalised service as well.

Here at some ways to find British suppliers for your wedding:

  • Look Local – When walking through your local high street, keep an eye out for small shops and suppliers. Speak to the owners and find out whether they are British-based.
  • Look On Wedding Supplier Directories – Many suppliers who pride themselves on being British will highlight this proudly in online adverts.
  • Ask Friends And Family – You will likely know other couples who have/are getting married near to you. Speak to them and find out what suppliers they have chosen.
  • Speak To Your Venue – Many venues have a list of suppliers that they recommend to their couples. And, this is an easy way to find reputable British brands with styles that benefit your special day.
  • Speak To Your Hire Companies – At Carron Marquees, we have a host of experience working with suppliers here in the UK. It always pays to ask the suppliers you’ve already chosen whether they have any recommendations.

Shopping British supports the UK economy, helps your local high street remain thriving and allows you to have a unique and handcrafted celebration. Pair this with a marquee wedding and you’ve got something truly beautiful. For more information about renting a marquee or finding the right suppliers, please get in contact with us here today.