Choosing the right generator for your event will ensure you’re able to enjoy every minute with your guests. But if you’re not part of a regular events team, this could be a whole new ballpark for you. Generators are a vital part of any outdoor event and need to be best suited to your capacity and requirements. The worst thing that can happen at an event is losing all power and plunging your guests into cold darkness. So, how do you know which generator to choose?


Firstly, it is important to review your event location. Make a note of the power that is currently available there. How many plug sockets do they have available? What amp is each of the sockets? How many ring mains are there? What is the maximum load in watts? All of this information may sound very technical but it will help an experienced hire team connect you with the right generator.

On their side, your hire company will look at how many plugs each generator will need to function properly. They will also analyse your location to determine where the generator will need to sit to reach relevant power and how this could impact your layout.

Event Timetable

Many people overlook the importance of considering your timetable when it comes to choosing a generator. Although it is likely you will need electricity for the majority of your event, there will be times where it peaks. By looking at the day’s planned schedule, you can highlight the times where power consumption will be at its highest. Perhaps you have an awards presentation running alongside a light show or with a DJ playing in the background. Knowing this information will allow you to establish the maximum power requirement you’ll need.

Emergency Prevention

Nothing ruins an event like a power cut. That’s why it is important to add in a contingency figure to your power requirements. This will cover any unexpected surges in use and allow everything to run smoothly

Location Layout

Finally, take a note of your location layout. Some generators can be quite noisy. Ideally, you’ll want to avoid placing these near to prime areas such as the stage or dining area. At Carron Marquees we only supply super-silent generators, so siting is not such an issue. Knowing how you want the event to look will help you choose the most discrete and appropriate generator for you.

Most hire companies, such as Carron Marquees, will have a wealth of knowledge and expertise. So, no matter your requirements, they’re sure to match you up with the ideal generator.