Being eco-friendly is becoming more and more critical, which is why it should not be forgotten when you are planning your event. This is a helpful blog post that will tap into the zero waste, plastic-free and greener living trend with useful suggestions for ways your event can be as eco-friendly as possible.

Potential waste

Start reducing waste before the event even starts by disregarding paper invitations and opting for digital tickets via emails. You can also choose to move away from single-use plastic at your event and pick glasses instead of plastic cups.

You can also avoid individually wrapped items, such as cutlery, by using reusable cutlery.

Seasonal food

If you have food at your event, designing your menu depending on the seasonal or local food available will help your event be more eco-friendly than sourcing out of season foods. Eating seasonal food decreases the demand for out of season products and will also support local farmers. Supporting local farmers this way will also reduce transportation and refrigeration, which therefore decreases pollution.

Hiring items

Instead of buying items that will either go into storage or would be sent to a landfill site, we advise hiring items. For example, with Carron Marquees, you can hire seating and dining options, marquee lighting and marquee lining.

If you are getting married, there are also places where you can rent stunning wedding dresses and suits. These dresses are professionally cleaned and beautifully kept, as are the suits. Most brides only wear their wedding dress once, so renting it will save you space in the wardrobe and give another bride the option to wear that same dress for their special day.

After the event

Of course, being eco-friendly doesn’t stop when the event ends as you will need to clear up after your event. For any items that you have bought and are in good condition, you can donate it appropriately or sell. For example, any table centrepieces, signs or poster boards can be recycled.

You can also recycle leftover items and you can make the clean-up process more manageable by placing recycling bins around the event for guests to use.

We can help

We can help make your event special with our range of marquees and equipment, so feel free to contact a member of our team today.