No matter how hard and thorough we are when planning an event, things can go wrong. Changes in the weather can force us to look for shelter instead of the garden celebration we’d planned. Venues announcing sudden closures can throw an entire schedule into chaos. And even unpredictable events, such as a global pandemic, can step in and squash any chance of a calm, smooth-running event. However, this doesn’t mean you have to bow down and accept defeat.

Marquees offer the perfect option for last-minute events. They are entirely flexible, easy to erect and can provide the shelter needed to keep your guests comfortable all year round. And, it’s easier to host a last-minute marquee event than you might think. Keep reading and we’ll show you how here today.


So that picturesque stately garden or sea-facing venue you originally fell in love with is now unable to host you. Don’t worry. The beauty of marquees is their ability to be erected on a variety of grounds. Hard standing or grass , these versatile structures can be configured to fit your needs. This sort of flexibility allows you to host an event on any land you can get your hands on – think your own or a family member’s larger sized garden. Not only will you save money on venue hire but you’ll also be able to go ahead with much of your original plans too.


Another stress that those replanning a last-minute event face is their suppliers. Originally, you may have been able to take advantage of caterers, waiting staff or concierge supplied by the venue. Or the sudden changes to your plans may have resulted in a date change, making your previous suppliers now unavailable to help. The good thing here is there is a solution out there. If you search ‘last-minute suppliers for events’ on Google, you’ll find a multitude of websites out there that can help. Last-minute vendors are in demand, whether your existing event has been cancelled or not. And for that reason, you’re unlikely to struggle when searching for someone to help with your specific needs.


Finally, we couldn’t write a blog post about changes in events without mentioning insurance. If you’ve been thorough with your planning stages, you’ll have invested in proper insurance. And it’s important to check the small print to understand whether there are any clauses or sections that you can claim against. While certain cancellation situations will guarantee you a refund, having the back-up of insurance can be highly beneficial.

Marquees are versatile and cost-effective enough to perfectly suit last-minute events. If you would like to discuss a specific project or event, get in contact with our team here at Carron Marquees.