Canvas marquees have long been one of the most popular choices for versatile outdoor events. They offer a wide scope of freedom when it comes to theme, design and layout. Here at Carron Marquees, we have worked with many clients to deliver traditional canvas marquees that meet every single brief. As one of our most popular designs, we wanted to provide you with all the information you need to decide whether this type of marquee is right for you. And this guide will do just that.

What is a canvas marquee?

As the name suggests, this type of outdoor structure has a protective roof made from canvas. This 100% natural material has long been the option of choice, offering a host of benefits which include:

  • Natural and sustainable.
  • Traditional shape with wooden poles.
  • Breathable to minimise condensation.
  • Insulating.

Canvas marquees can be a variety of different sizes to suit your event party requirements. They are also versatile enough to be altered and adjusted in shape according to the space available. Alongside other styles such as Clear Span Marquees or Baytex Marquees, canvas options tend to be a popular option for weddings due to their romantic aesthetics.

Canvas - festoon and bunting
Canvas and Beech Chairs
Canvas 40' x 40'
Canvas Marquee
40x80 Canvas Marquee

Why are they so popular?

Alongside the benefits we have listed above, there are a multitude of reasons why canvas marquees are such a popular option.


Many of us remember these traditional-style marquees from our childhood – whether that’s from events thrown by your own family or country fairs. And for this reason, they evoke many positive and nostalgic memories.


The walls on canvas marquees can be attached or removed to suit. So, if you’re planning a mid-Summer wedding, you can have an open-plan marquee space that allows the scenery to become part of your day.

Weather Resistant

As we mentioned above, canvas marquees provide ample protection from a wide spectrum of weather conditions. Raining or extreme sun – there’s no need to cancel any events if the expected weather changes.

This guide will focus on Canvas Marquees, providing a detailed and clear explanation of what they are and how they are erected. It will look at the various events that are best suited to this style of marquee, including weddings, milestone birthdays and corporate events. The guide will discuss the strong materials used and therefore, their suitability for use in various weather conditions. Where relevant, the guide will include inner linking back to the main website.

Which events are suitable for canvas marquees?

As they are erected entirely unlined, canvas marquees can be customised to suit themes and wedding events of all different types. This allows you to adapt them easily to weddings, milestone birthdays and corporate events equally. Let’s take a deeper look at each option:


Your wedding day is one of the most important of your life. It’s the day you both make a significant promise to each other in front of all your family and friends. Canvas marquees have a romantic look about them and one that stands out beautifully if erected in a country location, near stately homes or other fixed buildings. Dressed with fairy lights or festoon lighting and complemented by our rustic furniture and bar you can easily create a true wow factor. You also have the flexibility of choosing the perfect location and creating a space that can easily fit your entire wedding party along with a spacious dance floor.

Special Birthdays

In a similar way to weddings, milestone birthdays offer the perfect opportunity for a marquee event. Canvas marquees can be erected in spaces as small as your back garden as simple as a field or in the grounds of a stately home. They are a blank slate, allowing you to be as extravagant with the theme as your need. Party into the night with wooden or monochrome dance floors. Make sure guests are kept refreshed throughout with custom-made bars. The opportunities are endless and can be used to suit everything from 1st through to 90th birthdays.

Corporate Events

Hosting an event for a large number of people puts financial pressure on you. A large scale event space like this will have restrictions on features and is likely to be expensive to hire. The beauty of all our marquees in this setting is their versatility – you can make them smaller or larger depending on the number of guests expected. They are entirely plain which allows you to abide by a required theme easily.

How are canvas marquees erected

The process of erecting a marquee requires expertise and skill. That’s why we pride ourselves in having a professional and hardworking team here who work hard to meet deadlines and suit every site. The method of installation varies slightly depending on the ground, size and expected weather conditions. However, with every project, we pride ourselves in offering the swiftest service.

We have a video available on our website that shows our team in action – erecting and dismantling marquees with professional ease.

Our Canvas Marquees are available in 12M widths and help you create a quintessentially British, traditional event with ease. You can learn more about these marquees here or speak to a member of our friendly team about your next event here.

40x80 Canvas Marquee
40x80 Canvas Marquee
40x60 Canvas with festoon lighting