The beauty of marquees is their versatility. Traditional Baytex Marquees are a popular option within our range, allowing users to embrace both rustic style and modern technology. They are ideal for a variety of events, giving you the flexibility to create the style, theme and look you’ve dreamt of. One common question we get asked a lot is to define the difference between traditional canvas and Baytex marquees as they look so similar. This guide will help you differentiate between the two and decide which one is best suited to your needs.

What is a Traditional Baytex Marquee?

From first glance, you’d be forgiven for questioning what the unique features are of a Baytex marquee. However, the main difference is the material used. Unlike classic canvas marquees, Baytex designs are manufactured using Sailcloth. This is a modern alternative, which gives a modern and sleek look.

Pros and Cons

As with every style of marquee available here, Baytex designs have both pros and cons.


Cost-effective – Combines the look of a traditional marquee whilst using a more durable and modern material that is cheaper to manufacture and is more durable than the natural Canvas. Therefore the hire cost is lower than the Canvas alternative.

Appearance – To the untrained eye the overall effect is the same as the Canvas Marquee – they both have the same sweeping lines and wooden poles. Because the Baytex is made of Sailcloth which is more translucent than Canvas the inside will be brighter.

Versatile – Baytex marquees can be unlined for the rustic look but has the option of linings (including starlight) to give a more sophisticated appearance.

Year-Round – The Baytex can be erected at any time of the year with heating provided for the cooler months.

Flame-retardant – For the safety of your guests, these marquees are made from flame-retardant PVC. This has been manufactured to the latest BSI standard.


If you are looking for the truly Vintage look of Canvas then technically the Baytex will not give this.

Traditional Baytex
Traditional Baytex (lined)
40x80 Baytex

Styling tips for Baytex marquee

We’ve helped a large number of clients create events to remember with Baytex Marquees. These flexible spaces allow you to truly take control of themes, introducing lighting, furniture and accessories to truly enhance the experience for every guest.


While traditional weddings always have their popularity, more and more people are looking to blend the charm of rustic and contemporary. Baytex marquees are the solution. They offer a modern look, one that is sleek and stylish and easy to style. Cover the supporting poles with fairy lights or flowers. If you’re obsessed with the quintessentially English garden look, this is still fully achievable with traditional-style furniture and classical decor.


Baytex marquees are easily customisable to suit specific themes. Marquee linings are Ivory but overlay colours can be added in a colour of your choice. This gives you the freedom to transform the inside space effortlessly and stick to a specific budget. Details like this can be easily passed on through the other accessories you use and give uniformity to the event.


One of the best ways to get your message across in a corporate setting is by finding a solid and structured theme. The right choice ensures the event stays at the forefront of colleagues minds, as will the message you’re getting across. Once again, the versatility of Baytex marquees allows them to fit this need. Use the large space within to host entertainment, present bars for refreshments post-meeting or gather teams around rented furniture to work on specific tasks.

Garden Parties

If you’re lucky enough to have the space available to you, it’s still easy to achieve that traditional garden-theme with these modern marquees. Use clear window walls, which are supplied as standard, to allow the beauty of your location to flood in. This is also an effective way to maximise on natural light and keep celebrations going on for longer.

How are Baytex marquees erected?

In a similar manner to traditional canvas marquees, Baytex designs should be erected by professionals with the skill and expertise to execute it properly. Here at Carron Marquees, we have a professional team of fitters who work swiftly. On a range of surfaces and in various locations, they will establish individual needs including how many supporting poles or straps are needed for safety.

We have videos available on our website that show how our team works to erect marquees for various events. The process itself is fascinating to watch and shows just how productively they can work. View the videos here.

Baytex marquees continue to grow in popularity and it’s not hard to see why. Our professional and friendly team are happy to help you decide if this is the best style for your event. And, we’re also on hand to support with theme design, dressing and ancillary items such as heaters, dance floors and generators. If you have any questions about these marquees or any of the other designs we have available here, feel free to get in contact today.

Traditional Baytex Lined Ivory/Starlight
40x80 Baytex
40x60 Baytex