Marquees offer a spacious, clean and versatile space to dress up or down as you want. That’s what makes them ideal for special events – they provide the cover while you provide the style. Part of dressing up a marquee to perfection is considering practicality as well as design. And, to do this effectively, you need to choose the right marquee furniture for every corner. Whether you’re hosting 200 people for the wedding reception of a lifetime or want your colleagues to fully understand next year’s objectives, the right furniture will ensure they’re comfortable and fully catered for throughout your event. This guide will walk you through the options for marquee furniture hire, giving you everything you need to know.

Why Is Marquee Furniture Important?

If you’re used to hosting events, you’ll know that it’s the smaller details that make the biggest impact. Choosing chairs, tables and bar areas that fit your theme can help to make or break the success of a celebration. You want to make sure that your guests are comfortable at all times. This ensures that everyone remembers the day positively, having been given the opportunity to take a load off their feet and rest when needed. Ensuring there are safe and suitable places to eat will also keep guests refreshed throughout, making it easier to enjoy the festivities or take in the information being given. And, if you’ve invested time and money into a specific theme, choosing the right marquee furniture will help to solidify this and support all your efforts.

Now, let’s take a look at the different types of marquee furniture for hire.

round tables - red
round tables - white
round tables - blue

Tables And Chairs

Events such as weddings, corporate celebrations and birthdays all call for a place to eat. Particularly if you’re asking people to give up the vast majority of their day, it’s good practice to offer some form of refreshments to keep them satisfied. And for this, you need to invest in good quality and on-theme tables and chairs to suit your needs. The type you go for will be entirely down to personal preference and the theme you’re working with. Let’s take a look at the different options here.


When choosing the right table, consider factors such as:

  • What level of interaction do you want guests to have? Are they watching something on stage that requires their undivided attention? Or are you bringing together friends and family to catch up on past events?
  • How accessible do you need the space to be? If you’re likely to have small children in pushchairs or wheelchair users at the event, factor in how much space is needed between tables.
  • How is the room going to be laid out and how much space is available for the tables?

Practicality should always come first, closely followed by style in second place. At Carron Marquees, we offer the following table options:

  • Round Tables – Round tables can seat from 4 to 12 guests depending on the size. Generally used for classic wedding/formal and corporate with a tablecloth and centrepiece.
  • Trestle Tables – Rectangular to seat 6, these tables are ideal for classical weddings. Generally, they’re placed end-to-end and dressed with table cloths and ornate centre decorations.
  • Rustic Trestle Tables – Rectangular to seat 6, these tables are ideal for the casual/festival style wedding as they don’t require a cloth.
  • D-shaped tables – As the name suggests, these have a semi-circle end and are generally used for top tables.
  • Poseur Tables – Tall and slim, this style is ideal for use in standing areas to provide a space for drinks and smaller items to be left while mingling. They are available with both black and white coverings to suit your needs.


Alongside tables, the chairs you choose will dictate how comfortable and happy your guests are during the sit-down portion of your event. And again, they come in a wide variety of styles to ensure that everything from a classic wedding through to a contemporary 50th celebration is accounted for. At Carron Marquees, we offer the following chair options:

  • Chiavari Chairs – These classically styled chairs are perfect for whimsical, woodland-themed weddings with their boned and delicate appearance.
  • Banqueting Chairs – With a more glamorous look, these silver-finished chairs have an elegance to them that befits luxurious events.
  • Crossback – Another option for whimsical and ethereal themed events, our cross back chairs are made of durable but elegant wood.
  • Wooden Folding – And, if you’re looking for something practical that can be dressed up or down to suit your needs, our folding chairs are the ideal choice.
  • Bistro Chairs – Chunky and sturdy, our Bistro chairs are generally used for outside or larger gatherings.

Pairing together the options above allows you to be truly personal with the style you create within a marquee.


Once you’ve chosen the table and chairs that best suit your needs, it’s time to consider the layout. Take into account:

  • The activities planned to take place. Do you need to pushchairs out of the way once dinner has finished? Or can you arrange these activities around them?
  • How many guests do you have and how much of the marquee will the relevant chairs take up?
  • Do you need different seating arrangements for different areas? For example, if you have a chill-out zone, are the chairs you’ve planned for the dining area appropriate or do you want to look into something plusher?
  • What type of flooring have you booked? Will thin spindle legs be able to hold their stability when they’re sat on? Or do you need to consider something more durable?

Taking into account all the factors above and the style options we have available will ensure you create an event that is enjoyable and comfortable for every single guest. We understand just how significant furniture can be when hiring out a marquee and we have a team of experts who are on hand to help you find the perfect option.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about any of the furniture we have on offer or a specific project/event that you’re working on, please get in contact with the team here today at Carron Marquees.

Crossback Chair with Ivory Pad
Limewash Chiavari with Ivory Pad
wooden folding