The beauty of marquees is their versatility. Whether you’re planning a wedding, conference or music festival, these temporary structures can be erected to suit your needs exactly. And this extends throughout the entire year. You’re not limited to the scope of possibility just because the only date you can get the entire company together is in the heart of Winter.

Equally, there’s always scope to celebrate your love with a Summer wedding without the worry of heatstroke. This guide will look at the four seasons individually and the ways you can customise your marquee to make each event as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.


Autumn is, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful seasons in the year. It is the time when leaves turn from rich green to reds, oranges and yellows and the weather gets cooler without being uncomfortable. Therefore, it is the perfect time to host a bustling marquee event. You’ll benefit from picturesque scenery, and the freedom to design your Marquee without having to take into account adverse weather too much.

Our top tips for planning a marquee event in Autumn are:

  • Use Windows and Sides

While the weather in Autumn averages at around 10°C, high sun exposure generally means you won’t feel the cold to the same extremities as later months. Rich autumnal sunlight will warm your guests but it’s important to remember their comfort when sitting for extended periods. Using marquee sides and windows, you’ll be able to block out potential autumn breezes while keeping natural light flowing and still enjoy the view.

  • Flooring

You’ll want to make sure the flooring you choose is stable enough to withstand high foot-traffic. Speak to your marquee hire company who will be able to advise and also offer assistance with any recommended carpet overlays or wooden flooring that may be required.

  • Consider Heating

If your event is likely to go into the late hours of the day or overnight, you’ll want to consider hiring marquee heaters to prevent guests from getting cold. Carron Marquees keep heaters on standby so you don’t need to decide until you’ve seen the weather forecast!

  • Play with Autumnal Colours

As we mentioned above, one of our favourite things about this time of year is the colours. And it’s easy to mix these into your event theme with the right accessories and decorations. Features such as tailored lighting or coloured marquee linings are a great way to incorporate this seamlessly.

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As we move into the coldest times of the year, you’ll want to focus on the comfort and enjoyment of your guests. Making sure they’re not rushing to get off to their cosy homes and keeping them engaged is so important – regardless of the reason for your event.

Our top tips for planning a marquee event in Winter are:

  • Heat It Up

Taking the chill of these temporary spaces is vital. From the minute your guests step inside, they should feel as if they’re in an enclosed space. And the best way to do this is to keep it a consistent temperature at all times. Make sure you run the marquee heater in advance of their impending arrival and keep it going throughout. Heaters have a thermostat control which you will be shown how to operate so you can control the temperature.

  • Provide Protection

It’s likely that the weather won’t be amicable upon your guest’s arrival. And, therefore, you’ll want to make sure they can get inside as quickly as possible. If you’re dealing with the hindrances of a cloakroom or signing in, one of the best ways to do this is to create an extended entrance hall. Chinese Hat or Pagoda marquees are commonly used to create receptions or a formal area to lead guests into the main arena.

  • French Doors

Another way of keeping the elements out is to have French Doors as an entrance to your marquee.

  • Keep the Sides Up

Similar to in Autumn, you’ll want to make sure guests feel protected at all times. Clear marquee walls allow you to drink in the beauty of your surroundings without exposing yourself to the elements. They can be paired with solid alternatives for times when you need guests to focus or dressed up to create a photo spot.

  • Lighting

Remember that, in Winter, the natural light fades much earlier. So you need to provide a solution here that means the celebrations can continue regardless. With a whole range of marquee lighting options out there, it’s easy to find one that best meets your needs.


The second transitional season which brings with it more unique beauty, hosting a spring marquee wedding is ideal. You’ll benefit from ample natural light, long days and happy guests without the hindrances that extreme heat has to offer. The arrival of many different flowers and wildlife make outdoor settings exquisite and help you to create events that will stick in their memories for years to come.

Our top tips for planning a spring marquee event are:

  • No-side/Transparent Sides

You have more freedom as the weather begins to warm up when it comes to the marquee sides. Large transparent designs ward away draughts while allowing the charm of your surroundings to come in. Equally, if you’re having a particularly hot day, they can be removed and guests can take a stroll through the grounds themselves.

  • Decorations

Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons and provides a host of inspiration for marquee event decor. Incorporate flowers, think of soft pastel hues and use furniture to encourage people to take a breath of crisp, spring air as they enjoy every moment of your event.

  • Accessibility

You’re more likely to benefit from good weather as you move into Spring. But remember the term ‘April Showers’? The chance of a downpour, either before or during your event, is still likely.

And for this reason, you need to consider accessibility to your site. Do you need to lay down plastic tracking for heavy-duty suppliers to ensure they don’t get stuck? And do you need to opt for a more premium marquee flooring to prevent waterlogging and damage?


Summer marquee events are the creme de la creme. You have the warmest weather and the longest days. Taking advantage of the grounds around your event is easy, there’s less pressure on you to take the weather into account and the sun will put all guests in a significantly better mood.

Our tips for planning a summer marquee event are:

  • Ventilation

While winter calls for keeping the chill off, summer calls for ensuring your guests get proper, ventilated air. If you’re expecting a heatwave, we advise you to remove the sides to allow any natural breeze through. Guests will be able to shelter under the shade of your marquee, reducing the risk of sunburn but still benefiting from the effort you’ve put in. Equally, investing in heavy-duty fans or making sure you’re fully stocked with refreshing drinks in a good way to keep everyone comfortable.

  • Lighting

Your Summer event will likely go on for longer than it would in colder months. This is purely logistical – the days here are much longer. But you’ll still want to make sure you have adequate lighting which helps guests to enjoy every single moment. Garden Uplighters are the perfect way to keep your outdoor space workable. There are also numerous options for inside, including starlight cloths, chandeliers and pin spots to help set the mood.

In general, planning a marquee event at any time of the year is easy. The flexibility of these temporary structures is perfectly suited to weddings, corporate conferences and larger events equally. If you would like more advice or support in planning your seasonal marquee event, get in contact with our team here at Carron Marquees today.

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