Your wedding day should be the most special day of your life, and it should be a day that you and your guests remember and talk about for years to come. There’s something extra special and unique about a marquee wedding that helps keep the memories of the special day alive. From the scenic outdoor views to the personalised space and the wedding layout, it creates an unforgettable experience for everyone.

A lot of planning goes into a marquee wedding that makes it all come together, including choosing the right one and the proper layout and decorating it to make the space your own. We’re here to help you plan your perfect marquee wedding, down to the smallest detail, so you can have a day to remember.

Why you should choose a marquee for your wedding

Having a marquee at your wedding means you have full ownership over the look and feel of your wedding, giving you free rein to design the wedding of your dreams. Marquees are blank canvases that you can use to design a wedding that is perfectly unique to you.

All you need for a marquee wedding is a suitable site you have permission to use, and the rest of the hard work is done for you. This means you can choose a beautiful and scenic location, outdoors and something a little different. In addition, no two marquee weddings are the same, so you can guarantee that your big day will differ from any other wedding you or your guests have attended.

Design your marquee however you like, with the help of hired furniture, mood lighting, accessories and even flooring to create a whimsical, classic, contemporary, traditional or unique feel to your special day. You get to make your marquee entirely your own.

Finally, whilst there are many reasons to choose a marquee wedding, one of the most appealing is that your wedding has more room for flexibility. For example, a wedding venue can only hold a certain number of guests, whereas you choose the marquee that best suits the number of people and your style.

Choosing the right marquee for your wedding

Baytex and Chinese Hat

Despite what many people think, there are different types of marquees that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, meaning there’s a marquee to suit everyone’s budget and wedding size. At Carron Marquees, we have a full range of four popular marquees to choose from.

Traditional marquees

If you’re planning your big day and want a fairy tale mix of old style and elegance, then a beautiful traditional marquee is what you’ll need. It’s wonderfully spacious, with straps and poles which add a beguiling vintage edge. This traditional marquee can be transformed into a breathtaking venue, whether planning a rustic reception or long for old-school glamour. It’s perfect for hosting country-style weddings with a scenic view.

This marquee comes into its own when fully lined with our’ silkline’ ivory lining. A traditional sail cloth / PVC marquee with wooden poles, which you can top with flags or bunting outside to match your decor. You can hire this traditional marquee fully equipped with everything you need to throw a truly memorable event, such as quiet-run generators, a stylish bar for serving cocktails and champagne, a choice of flooring, a dance floor and lighting.

Clear span marquees

Clear span marquees are the ideal marquees all year round. The clear span marquee doesn’t require any central poles, meaning uninterrupted views through the panoramic windows and total freedom and flexibility to use every last millimetre of space as you desire. The pole-less design gives you total creative free rein, making this type of marquee a versatile choice for any size and style of event and adding a hint of luxury and elegance to the space.

One of the great things about this particular marquee style is that it can be installed on any surface, including grass and tarmac. It can be used come rain or shine and is a convenient option in winter – the clear span marquee is designed to withstand higher wind speeds and snow loads, making it an obvious choice for a winter ball or stunning winter wedding.

Traditional canvas marquees

If you are planning a truly traditional wedding, look no further than our stunning traditional canvas marquee. The perfect space for your elegant event, our traditional unlined canvas marquee has beautiful wooden poles to lend a vintage feel, helping you and your guests feel as though you’re stepping back in time to a golden age of glamour as soon as you set foot in the marquee.

This traditional canvas marquee eludes rustic, vintage and traditional and looks stunning with wicker, wood and greenery for a classic English country garden wedding.

Chinese hat marquees

If you’re planning a smaller, more intimate wedding or want additional space to create a bar area, chill-out zone, entrance space or eating area, then a Chinese hat marquee is the one for you. It’s an elegant choice for small weddings, but it still has a beautiful structure and has the wow factor of other marquees.

Otherwise known as Pagoda marquees, these are versatile smaller marquees with a distinctive pointy roof and a stunning exterior and even look fantastic linked together.

The perfect wedding marquee layout

12m Frame Marquee

After choosing your location and marquee, you need to decide on the perfect layout, which is more important than you may think. The layout is so important to the overall feel of the day. It will determine the flow of your wedding day, how your guests interact and the atmosphere from start to finish.

Knowing roughly how many guests you will have at your wedding will help you decide on a layout, as you’ll need to know whether to hire a small or large marquee. With this in mind, you need to consider where you want your guests to enter, where they will sit down to eat, where they will dance, drink and where your wedding cake and other things like your gift table, dessert table and bar will be. All of these things will help you decide on your marquee’s layout.

Consider having additional marques for different areas if you’re having a large wedding. For example, have a marquee dedicated to the wedding breakfast and a separate area for the evening reception, which will be set up differently. Later on, the wedding breakfast area can be transformed into the evening dining room or chill-out zone.

The most important thing to consider is how you want your day to play out. Run through your big day in your head and plan a marquee layout to match your vision. We will gladly help you decide on the perfect wedding marquee layout.

Accessorise your wedding marque

Led Bar

Once you have decided on your location, marquee, and layout, you can choose the theme and style you want to encompass for your big day. You may already have an idea of this since you probably wanted to match the style of a marquee with your theme, but if you haven’t, here are some ideas:

  • Classic white with traditional flowers
  • Contemporary with nudes, pinks, sage or blues with lots of lights and fancy decor
  • Rustic with pampas, wooden accents, glass jar decor and wildflowers
  • Whimsical with shades of green, trinkets, fairy lights and personal touches

To name just a few.

Whatever style you choose, transform your event with ancillary items to compliment the marquee you have chosen. We have a fantastic range of lighting, linings, heaters, bars, luxury loos, generators, tables and chairs and dance floors to choose from to bring your wedding together and make it your own.

Have your guests dance the night away on our traditional and wooden floor or on our black and white dance floor, perfect for contemporary weddings. We even have different bar designs to suit the theme of your wedding. That, coupled with decor and the finishing touches, creates the perfect recipe for everlasting memories.

Carron Marquees: who are we?

Carron Marquees has over four decades of experience hiring traditional marquees – with exacting attention to detail, we’re on hand to ensure your special occasion goes without a hitch.

Carron Marquees has established a well-deserved reputation as the premier marquee hire company in the South East of England for over 40 years. We supply personalised solutions for all occasions, from weddings and private parties to corporate events. All marquees and equipment are owned and maintained by Carron Marquees, allowing us to ensure that everything for your event arrives on time and in perfect condition.

If you’re interested in having a marquee wedding, get a quick quote and look at some of our approved venues.