The floor area of your marquee is one of the most important aspects of the design. Every chair, table and piece of equipment should sit perfectly on the floor space without any rocking, tilting or unsteadiness. Guests should be able to walk around with confidence without fearing that they will fall on an uneven floor. Marquee floors need to be strong, safe and even as well as being fit for purpose. They should also be comfortable for your guests, stable and offer a hint of luxury too.

In an ideal world the site upon which you construct your marquee will have an even surface, but often this is not the case. Spaces come in all shapes and sizes and most of the time a marquee is constructed on a large grassed area.

Most spaces can be covered in one way or another but there are a few spaces that are unrealistic for a marquee. Unless you are willing to pay a scaffolder to construct a temporary, level platform it is probably best to find another site. While this is rare, if the ground of your intended site is particularly uneven it may be unsuitable for a marquee.

That said, many surfaces are suitable for hosting a marquee event and you can install a hard floor or carpet inside the marquee to raise the height of the floor slightly, typically by an inch or two. This offers greater insulation too which would be ideal if your event is taking place in the winter months.

There is a growing trend for marquees to be used as an extension to a house and they are constructed in the rear garden of a property. Often, they are built over patio or grassed areas. When placed on a patio, they are designed not to be level, often featuring a natural slope to aid with drainage. If it’s raining during your event, the rain can fall onto the marquee roof, run down the side of the marquee and then with the natural slope of the patio end up running back into the marquee and making the carpet very soggy and unpleasant. Hard flooring systems are designed to address this issue so there won’t be any issues with water running back into the marquee.

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Flooring Types

So, with all of this to take into consideration, what types of flooring can you install in your marquee?

Direct Lay Flooring

Suitable for sites that are flat, they are the most affordable and practical solutions for level ground applications. It is a popular choice for marquees that provide easy access. The flooring material will sit directly on the ground and it can be smoothed out to create a completely even surface. The appearance of this flooring will replicate a varnished pine or a light oak stain. You can use the floor as it is or lay carpet over the top if you want a more luxurious feel. This is a cost effective and easy to install solution making it a great material for your marquee flooring.

Suspended Flooring

A suspended floor makes use of a steel frame which is then levelled in certain areas. The result is a highly secure and rigid base which creates a solid and even structure for the floor. This system is best suited for sites that are uneven. Any small undulations can be easily smoothed out using a packer and varnished pine flooring can be fitted over the structure to create the perfect floor space. Steps and ramps can also be fitted to make access to the venue even easier.

Cassette Flooring

The final type of flooring that may be worth consideration is the cassette flooring which features floor modules which are installed on aluminium beams. This too is perfect for uneven ground and particularly for a site where pinning would be unsuitable. The way that the flooring system is designed means that you can build the flooring up to 2m above ground level. You can also install it over small fountains or flower beds. No further floor coverings are needed but you can install carpet if you would like to. The flooring system can also feature ramps and steps to enable easy access for all guests.

Flooring for Uneven Sites

If your marquee is to be situated on a site that is uneven these top tips will help when it comes to choosing the flooring.

You may be concerned about a slope in your garden or the grounds of the site. Marquees can be constructed quite easily but you may be worried about the situation of furniture, stages or walkways. Before you give everything the final approval, make sure that you are comfortable with the way that chairs and tables have been arranged and they are not sloping too much.

Always avoid chocking up table legs. Chairs are often set at a specific height and won’t be particularly comfortable for guests.

Before installing any flooring, you should fill any holes in the grassed area or patio, whether it’s in a private garden or the grounds of a hall or stately home. Bark chippings are great because they are friendly in the garden too. You can also use newspaper or sand. Plastic should be laid before you place the bark or sand into the hole so that it can be easily removed after the event.

Use flower beds and small bushes or trees as part of your design, incorporating them into the floor space rather than covering them up. Often, they can be used as a nice natural touch to the marquee surroundings. Although you may lose a little floor space it can give you a flatter area to work with.

There is certainly lots to think about when it comes to installing flooring for your marquee, but the company who you hire the marquee from will be experienced in this area and able to offer plenty of knowledge and expertise to help you make the right selection for you.