Here at Carron Marquees, we specialise in a range of different marquee styles and shapes to suit your needs. The beauty of these versatile event spaces is how they can be styled and personalised to fit your exacting needs. And, over the years, we have noticed more and more people opting for our Clear Span Marquees. While the traditional styles fit well into most classic settings, this modern style offers a host of benefits that suits larger events perfectly. In today’s guide, we’ll provide you with all of the information you need to make the right decision for you.

What Is a Clear Span Marquee?

When you think of a classic marquee, you’ll likely picture something more akin to a canvas marquee. Tall long poles holding up the fabric structure and giving that iconically signature look. Clear Span Marquees, on the contrary, are erected without interior support poles. This reduces any interruption to sightlines and makes for a larger internal space. Instead, the structure is supported by large aluminium beams and covered by heavy-duty PVC fabric to help it blend into the surroundings.

What Are the Benefits?

There’s a reason why Clear Span Marquees are becoming such a popular choice. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Quicker Installation – Without the need for additional supporting poles within the structure, our team can erect this style of marquee quickly and efficiently.
  • Cleaner Installation – Because it doesn’t need any ropes of guy lines, you get a cleaner look within the space.
  • No Sight Interruption – With Clear Span Marquees, you can see from one end of the marquee straight to the other without interruption.
  • More Capacity – Because of the cleaner installation and lack of construction interruptions, you can have more people comfortable in your marquee space than in more traditional styles.
  • Can Be Erected On Different Surfaces – These structures can be staked or weighted to the ground, allowing them to be built on any flat ground.
  • Easily Configured – It’s easy to add a walkway, pagoda and entrance porch to the main structure, to create dedicated zones or to increase the space available to you.
  • Hardwearing – Because of the box beam construction, this style of marquee can easily withstand severe weather and meet all fire regulations.
  • Easily Personalisable – You can still make use of marquee liners, lighting and furniture rentals, meaning it’s easy to carry on a theme within your rental space.
Clear Span
Clear Span Marquee
12m Frame Marquee

The Best Type of Event for Clear Span Marquees

Marquees are one of the most versatile types of event space. And, the same goes for ClearSpan designs. When you consider the benefits we’ve listed above, it’s easy to understand why they are rented for a multitude of events.


Having large guest numbers and a multitude of zones throughout is commonplace in many weddings. Clear Span Marquees allow you to pitch up on any surface, from your back garden through to the ground court of a stately home. They allow for a wider internal space that encourages dancing, dining and interaction between guests. They can easily be personalized to fit your theme. If you’re looking for smaller areas to zone off for the youngest members of your family or for people to relax, they can be easily paired together with other structures. And, if you’ve chosen the spot for your wedding because of its beauty, the design of Clear Span Marquees (when paired with windows all around) means it’s easy to get a panoramic view of the grounds throughout the celebrations.

Corporate Events

From celebrating your employee’s achievements through to hosting the annual Christmas party, Clear Span Marquees are ideal for corporate events. Again, they provide a wide and uninterrupted space, allowing you to host conferences or seminars while ensuring everyone can see the speaker. The large space also makes it easy to accommodate technology, including speakers and computers, that are needed to keep the event running like clockwork.

Birthday Parties

Much in the same way as weddings, Clear Span Marquees are ideal for use in birthday parties. Using a range of linings, lighting options and dance floors, you can easily create an on-theme celebration that encourages everyone to get involved. If you’re sharing the big day with another birthday person, you could always split the marquee down the centre, creating two different themes on one day. Or, create themed pods with activities that keep the party rolling all night.

Public Events

Think school fairs, country fetes or even sporting events – Clear Span Marquees are an ideal option. They have the space to accommodate large foot traffic, specifically if it’s constantly moving throughout the day. When built with window panels, these spaces are flooded with natural light. And, you can personalise the space inside to include tables, a stage or other features, depending on your needs. They are quick to install on all grounds, from the school car park through to a large country field. All of these features make them ideal for a bustling and ever-busy event – just like the one you’re planning now.

Is a Clear Span Marquee Right for Me?

So, when should you opt for a Clear Span Marquee over the other options? As always, the choice is entirely yours. If you’re focused on achieving a traditional and classic look, Canvas and Traditional Marquees offer this in abundance. But, if you’re concerned about freedom of movement within your guests or want something more minimalistic, it’s easy to style a ClearSpan structure to embrace your love of traditional style. For smaller events, you may want to consider something more intimate like our Chinese Hat marquees. Equally, these can be used in collaboration with other styles to create entranceways or dedicated pods.

At the end of the day, the choice comes down to personal preference. Here at Carron Marquees, we have a wide range of marquee options and the experience to help you transform any of them into the perfect event space. If you would like more information about our Clear Span Marquees or any of the other styles we have available to rent, please do get in contact here today.

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12m Frame Marquee with Chinese Hat