As the warmer months roll by, finding ways to spend as much time outdoors is sure to help you create memories to cherish. From impromptu picnics with the family through to intricately planned weddings, there is something wonderful about spending time outdoors with the people you care about the most. Organising and planning an outdoor celebration is an experience we think everyone should enjoy at all times here at Carron Marquees. This is why we’ve pulled together this guide to help you plan to perfection this Summer.

Things to Consider

In many cases, an outdoor celebration will take more time to organise than one in a fixed location. You have more considerations to make about the form of protection you choose and the spot you want it to take place. Smaller picnics or garden parties can be planned in no time with a simple text round to those on the guest list. But, when it comes to planning a wedding or summer party for employees, you’ll want to take more time to make sure everything is crossed off your list. Let’s take a look at the main things you will need to consider.



No outdoor celebration should be planned without first having a clear understanding of the available budget. It’s easy to get carried away, planning large-scale balloon arches and circus entertainers. But, if you’re working on a smaller scale, the last thing you want to do is go grand and then realise you don’t have the funds to turn it into a reality. Before you start contacting or doing any research, set out a budget that will cover:

  • The venue.
  • Food and refreshments.
  • Entertainment (if required).
  • Serving staff.
  • Auxiliary items (including heating, portable toilet hire, lighting and furniture hire).
  • Clean-up costs.

You don’t have to drill down an exact price for each if you can’t. But give yourself a budget to work to so you can find the right suppliers and research other ways to make things look how you picture them in your head. Websites like Pinterest are a great source of inspiration when it comes to things like decoration and party games. Consider enlisting the support of friends and family to help you make certain items or look around the home to see what could be upcycled. Working to a budget doesn’t have to mean you’re compromising in any way – it just allows you to be mindful of what you purchase and what agreements you sign up to.

Date and Time

It calls to reason that you’ll need to work out when you want to host your event. If you’re opting for a summer date, keep in mind you may need to pay a premium for outdoor spaces as demand tends to go up during the warmer months. There are ways to get around this though. For example, mid-week summer weddings can be around ⅓ cheaper than if you chose a weekend date.

Also, consider both the type of guests and the times you expect to be outdoors. If you’re planning on hosting entertainment outside during the hottest parts of the day (generally between 12-2 pm), will older or younger members of the family struggle if the heat is particularly high? Do you need to consider covered options for them or is it best to keep the mandatory events under a marquee while allowing the outdoor space for socialising? You’ll want to make sure that the timeline you have in place will work practically – this is where a professional event planner comes into their own. They will be able to help structure your day, including the movement of guests and key events, to ensure none of them over-run or make the day feel too busy at any time.

Guest Numbers

Next, think about how many guests you may want to invite. If you’re hosting a corporate event, the number may be non-negotiable and you’ll be working with your numbers as a primary consideration when choosing the venue. However, if you’re planning a family party or a wedding, now is the time to get honest with your guest numbers. If you have the budget available, feel free to add everyone you want to the guest list and get the invitations out asap.

If you’re being more ruthless on your options, it pays to sit down with anyone else who is organising the event with you and do an audit of guest numbers. For weddings, keep in mind that you will likely have to pay an amount for each guest to cover food, drink and attendance. Go through a larger list and decide who doesn’t make the cut. Remember, it’s your special day and your money being spent so it becomes your decision entirely as to who gets to be there.

Understanding the number of guests you have attending will help you to better plan for the next point – the location.


Outdoor events are perfect for when the weather is lovely. Sipping a glass of bubbles in the sunshine while chatting with those you love best – there’s nothing better. And, with the UK being home to some of the most beautiful outdoor locations and scenery in the world, you are spoilt for choice. To choose your dream location, you’ll need to consider the following factors:

  • The convenience of travel for guests.
  • Accommodation for your guest numbers.
  • The venue availability.
  • Budget.

All four of these factors will dictate what location or venue you choose. Marquees are some of the most versatile venue options, allowing you to choose a beautiful spot purely down to the views. As they can be pitched upon a variety of different surfaces and personalised easily with decorations, they are often the option of choice for weddings, corporate events and parties alike. Our blog is a great place to find inspiration for themes and tips on personalising your event with the right accessories and ancillary items.

At Carron Marquees, we love an outdoor celebration. And, our wide selection of marquees, from Clearspan (Frame) Marquees through to traditional canvas marquees, are ideal for ensuring your guests have the best time possible. If you would like more advice and support planning your next event or want to learn more about our products, either download our brochure or get in contact with the team here today.