One of the main beauties behind marquee hire, which we’ve said time and time again, is versatility. These structures can be erected on all manner of grounds and in a wide variety of locations. Unlike static sites, such as stately homes or hotels, you have more freedom when it comes to budget and theme. And, you have the support of an experienced team on hand too to help make your day one to remember. In today’s guide, we’re going to walk through the key things to consider when choosing a location for your marquee event and how the right touches can make any event special.

Benefits of a Marquee

Before we dive into this guide, let’s take another look at the benefits of a marquee event for any occasion.

  • Versatile – Marquees come as plain canvases (literally, in some cases). Therefore, they can be easily transformed to suit your exacting needs. You’re not restricted in terms of design or style in any way.
  • Portable – A key one for the purpose of this article, marquees are portable. Our team can deliver any one of our rented marquees to any location across the UK. You then have more freedom to fall in love with the spot of your dreams.
  • Cost-effective – Hiring a wedding location is a key investment. On average, a wedding venue will cost around £6,000. When you take into account restrictions such as the type of accessories that match with a fixed location or the need to hire specific suppliers as part of the contract, marquee weddings can be a much more cost-effective choice.
  • Can Be Installed Anywhere – Modern technology has allowed marquees to be safely erected on a multitude of surfaces. From tarmac through to grass and even uneven grounds, there are solutions for nearly every predicament.

Types of Marquee Location

As we mentioned above, you aren’t restricted to just grassy greens when it comes to marquee event hire. The best place to start when searching for a location is to find one that you love and establish whether it can be hired out for event purposes. If you are thinking about hiring land from an events company or enquiring about land next to a fixed building (remember that, according to UK law, a wedding ceremony MUST take place under a fixed structure), you will need to speak to the landowners to understand permission.

Some of the locations we have erected marquees in the past include:

As you can see, the scope of possibility is vast. And, for you, this gives you far more creativity when it comes to finding a location that takes your breath away.


Things to Consider

With every single project, we will individually tailor and spec the marquee to perfection.

However, if you’re in the planning stages, here are a few things to consider:


  • If you’re planning a wedding, choose a location that is meaningful to you and your loved one.
  • Try to find a spot where the view out from the marquee is as breathtaking as the event itself.
  • Lighting can transform your chosen grounds during the evening, so don’t be put off by the lack of permanent fixtures. Hiring a generator will give you the portable power you need to run these throughout your event.
  • Remember that most marquees are rectangle but can be configured in bespoke ways, to suit your needs.


  • We will always try to find a solution for your marquee location, regardless of the ground. It doesn’t have to be perfectly flat or level, however, this will help to make the process more straightforward.
  • We have flooring boards that will be laid to overcome uneven flooring and prevent the risk of tripping or injuries.
  • If possible, avoid locations that are flood-prone or have bad drainage. While we can overcome wet ground in a number of ways, it does present a problem if there is high water content on the day of the event.
  • It is possible to erect a single marquee on both hard and soft ground.


  • When erecting a marquee near a fixed building, try to design the layout so the entrance faces the stationary premises for easy access.
  • Use entrance ways to restrict people from wandering into areas of the grounds that are either off-bounds or not part of your design.
  • Where possible, design your layout so that tables or furniture is positioned on top of the smoothest, least-bumpy sections of the flooring.

Suppliers Information

Our team here at Carron Marquees are passionate about helping all of our customers design and plan the marquee events of their dreams. This is why we’ve pulled together this list of locations to help you find a location for your event.

To help support you, Carron Marquees has a team of marquee experts on hand. We’ll help you source the best location, design the perfect theme and create a day you’ll never forget. If you would like to speak to a member of our team, please do get in contact here today.