Marquee furniture isn’t something that’s traditionally on the top of your to do list when planning your wedding. If you are excitedly making plans for the big day, you will have so many ideas, an endless list of tasks to do and your guest list to finalise. And that’s just the start. Maybe you have your heart set on a beautiful, picturesque marquee wedding, set in the grounds of a grand stately home, nestled in the English countryside. You couldn’t have asked for a better location. That said, you might have put time and effort into planning every detail of the décor in your marquee from flowers to linings, but have you considered furniture? The furniture that you choose is as important as all of the other details that you will be putting in place. There are lots of different options when it comes to choosing your marquee furniture. The furniture will set the scene and can really work with and complement the surrounding décor. We offer a variety of ancillary items that will fit in well with your chosen theme, reflecting the specific design and/or style that you are looking for.

The furniture and layout of the marquee is important when developing a workable design. A professional marquee hire business who specialise in this area can provide plenty of advice and guide you in your selection of tables and chairs that would deliver the best layout to reflect the number of guests who will be attending and also the style of your event. Whether you want rectangular tables, round tables or the wedding arrangement set out in a long banqueting table, creating the right layout to suit your event is important.

Your choice of furniture can really lift the marquee and make a real statement, when planned and styled in the right way. When it comes to chairs, there are lots of options to choose from:

  • Banqueting chairs
  • Chiavari chairs that offer a stylish addition to any marquee. These chairs are available in a variety of different colours such as gold, silver, white, black, natural or even lime washed
  • Seat pads to make seating more comfortable in matching colours
  • Chair covers to reflect the theme of your wedding
  • Cross back chairs which add the final touch to a rustic or festival style wedding.

The range of options that are available for your wedding is becoming increasingly more varied from traditional chairs to something more modern including sofas and even boardroom style tables. As well as the furniture, think about how it will be covered and what accessories you will need such as staging, table linen and napkins, all of which add the finishing touches.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the furniture and accessories that will make up your marquee furniture list. Don’t forget to think about comfort too. Your guests may be seated for long periods of time during the event so make sure that the seating options you choose are also comfortable too.

Banqueting Gilt with Ivory Pad
Beech Folding Chairs
Chiavari- Limewash with Ivory pad

Table Linen

Would you like something traditional, opting for clean, crisp white linen cloths and matching napkins or are you looking for something more bold, daring or different to fit in with the theme of your wedding? Decorative runners can also fit in well with table linen and create stunning decorative features that really add the ‘wow’ factor to your marquee.

Casual Furniture

If your event is going to be well attended, with lots of guests and you are hiring a larger marquee you might want to think about some lounge type furniture. Many of the bigger marquees are divided up into distinct areas from the reception area to a bar and lounge zone where guests can move between the ‘rooms’ throughout the event. Your furniture will include everything from large, comfy sofas and imposing coffee tables through to side tables and leather sofas for a more minimalistic look. There are lots of different styles of sofa that you can choose from, it all depends on your personal tastes and of course the overall theme of your wedding.

Bar Furniture

Bar furniture can be as clean and simple or as elaborate as you wish. From practical trestle tables dressed and decorated through to a more formal bar counter styled to suit your theme, there are lots of options to choose from. You can even set up a LED lit bar counter that really adds a focal point to your marquee bar area. Back bars and cold refrigeration units can also be supplied to house glasses and cold drinks too.


Although not technically a furniture element it’s still a necessity and something to think about if you are having a winter wedding. Heaters are on a thermostat so you can keep your guests comfortable throughout the event by simply adjusting the temperature.


You will definitely need a generator if your marquee is away from a main building, but even so events and catering may need additional power. When you book a marquee and hire a dedicated marquee generator, they are specifically designed for this type of event. Whatever the weather you will need heating, lighting and catering facilities for your guests so a generator of some sort will usually be required.

Many businesses who specialise in marquee hire will also supply a range of marquee furniture for your wedding, heaters and generators. If they don’t, they will have suppliers who can meet any of your requirements.

When planning the furniture for your wedding, the first and most important consideration is how much furniture you will need for the guests who will be attending. The larger the event the more furniture you will need.

Also consider how the furniture will be styled and whether it will reflect your chosen theme and other decorative elements in the marquee.

Planning a wedding should be fun. So have fun when you are planning. Be creative, be imaginative and you will be able to stage and decorate your marquee and source high quality marquee furniture for your wedding. It just takes a little planning and creative thought.

Crossback Chairs
Limewash - Chiavari chairs with Ivory pad
Marquee Crossback Chairs