Do you want to hire a marquee for a summer garden party? Are you unsure about what food to serve your guests? Well, this blog post is for you! This post will outline appropriate food trends which are hot right now.

Impress your guests with popular and exciting new foods; after all, food is a great conversation starter. Read on to see which fun food trends should be served at your corporate summer garden party.

Fruit and cheese

Let’s start this blog post off with a delicious classic that will give your guests something to nibble on whilst they mingle with their fellow guests. A fruit and cheese board is a summer garden party go-to and can be changed up depending on certain elements. For example, if you would prefer a later garden party, you can pick fruits that are in season or make it more personal with locally grown fruits.

Slide onto the menu

Sliders are also a popular food choice for your corporate summer garden party. A slider can be defined as a mini burger and can feature different contents. Sliders are perfect for your event as they are finger foods, which can be eaten within a few bites.

Local cuisine

The first two options revolve around convenient food trends, foods that can be carried around and enjoyed while your guests mingle. The third food trend on our menu requires your guest to be seated as they enjoy cuisine that is destination specific. This means that you are drawing on the local food trends, this will help local guests feel at ease and give guests that have travelled for your event to enjoy the food the local area has to offer.

Add some options

The final food trend on our list has to do with the options you are willing to offer at your corporate event. No one wants to attend an event, only to find out that there is nothing they can eat. This is why an inclusive dietary menu is advised. Create menus that take into consideration gluten-free guests, guests with nut allergies and everything in between. We advise sending out an email before the event to find out what the dietary requirements of your guests are.

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