Planning a marquee event is an exciting and daunting process, all rolled into one. There are those aspects that will instantly shoot to the top of your list, like entertainment and dining options. And then, there are those auxiliary items that, while being essential to the smooth running of your event, are also easily forgotten. Like the flooring. We’re not talking dance floors, although we do have a large selection of these to get everyone up on their feet. No, we’re talking about flooring to cover the main body of your marquee.

Do You Need Flooring for the Marquee?

Whether or not you need to hire out flooring for your marquee depends on the ground you’re installing on. Hard floors, such as sports grounds or concrete provide a secure and stable ground where a flooring option may not be essential. However, if you’re erecting the marquee on soft ground, like grass, marquee flooring will provide a steady, non-slip and flat surface with less risk of obstacles that could cause tripping.

Corded Marquee Flooring

Cord flooring is a carpet-like option that offers durability and strength to suit most environments. It is comfortable underfoot and can create a homely feel. The type that we used here at Carron Marquees has a warm beige colour that easily befits the needs of various event themes and colour schemes. It also offers the ideal whimsical touch to weddings too.

Coconut Matting Flooring

Also known as coir matting, coconut matted flooring has the same appearance as entrance matting in many homes. It offers excellent performance – especially in environments where mud could become a problem. The bristled surface easily picks off the dirt from the soles of shoes and it is also a popular option with those looking for a more eco-friendly and sustainable option.

Which Is Better?

At Carron Marquees, we only supply corded marquee flooring to our clients. And, our main reason for that is safety. While coconut matting flooring has sustainable benefits, it is very easy for heels to get caught in the matting. With many of our marquees hired out for events such as weddings and big corporate, we need to consider the safety of every user. This is why we will also recommend corded flooring as the best option – no matter how many people you expect to be walking in and out.

If you have any further questions about marquee flooring or would like to speak to the team here, please do get in contact with us today.