A dance floor can liven up any event, from weddings to corporate events! A dance floor is more than just a place for your dad to embarrass you with jazz hands; it is a place where you can bond with family, friends and colleagues.

Everyone loves a dance floor as it is a place to bring down your barriers and enjoy yourself; it also breaks up the seating area. If you’re still on the fence about having a dance floor in your marquee, this blog post is for you as it will discuss why your marquee needs a dance floor.

Dance floors

We can provide durable and interlocking dance floors, which means they will not shift or separate while you are getting your groove on.

You might have an image in your head about what typical dance floors look like, but we had to correct that image. We have different dance floors available, including wooden dance floors and even a black and white dance floor for a retro and chic appeal.

Corporate events

You can still boogie during your corporate event as it provides an ideal space to socialise with your team. We recommend the classic wooden dance floor which is robust and hard-wearing, as it can give extra space to your marquee.

Special event

Carron Marquees’ dance floors are the ideal solution for any marquee reception, and they can add a little something extra to your big event. Dance, socialise and boogie the night away on the flat surface that our dance floors provide.

Imagine your first dance under the marquee lights as your guests are all present for this special moment, or watch as your family and friends entertain themselves on the dance floor during a momentous birthday.


Our friendly team at Carron Marquees’ assemble the dance floors without the use of screws or tools, which means we can quickly and easily install your dance floor and remove it immediately as well.

Here to help

If you have any questions about our dance floors or any other marquee equipment, our friendly and experienced team are on hand to help. You can contact us today with your question or concern.