You’ve chosen the dress, sent out the invitations and picked a cake that will have your guests drooling. So, what’s next? If you’ve done any research into wedding planning, you’ll likely have come across the topic of wedding insurance. And, if you’re working to a budget, you may be wondering whether you really need it. This blog will help you make this important decision right now.

What is wedding insurance?

This form of insurance covers a multitude of investments that go into your big day. It provides peace of mind, protecting you from potential losses that can occur with such a big celebration. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, wedding insurance ensures you’re not left significantly out of pocket. There are two main categories that fall within these insurance policies – liability insurance and cancellation insurance.

Liability insurance

Public liability for weddings provides coverage in case one of your guests causes personal damage to a third party or damages the venue property. It will also cover damage to suppliers equipment, such as the DJ’s speakers or hired wedding furniture. If claimed on, this insurance will provide money for the legal fees needed to defend oneself or to cover a compensation settlement.

Cancellation insurance

If you were forced to cancel or delay your wedding due to specific risks or unforeseen circumstances, wedding cancellation insurance will cover the costs of this. This generally covers things like sickness, military deployment, extreme weather conditions, property damage etc.

Do I need wedding insurance?

You should consider wedding insurance to be as important as the rest of your big day. The average cost of a wedding in 2020 is £16,000, up from £15,171 in 2019. This type of investment is a significant financial commitment for many couples. Wedding insurance provides a level of security against potential loss and helps to ensure this celebration can go ahead, even if not how you originally planned. No matter how organised and well-planned your day is, things still can and do go wrong.

What isn’t covered?

As with all insurance policies, the small print will let you into any events or situations that aren’t covered. With wedding insurance, you’ll find that the following things are likely to not be included:

  • Not being able to afford the wedding
  • Cold feet
  • Specific time frames (certain insurances will only cover you to a set point in the night)

Wedding insurance is one of those things that should be high on your priority list when it comes to planning a day as magical as you’ve always dreamt. Carron Marquees include damage waiver as standard with their equipment. Let the team at Carron Marquees help you with every step of your celebrations today. Get in contact.