Join us in our newest blog post as we fashion a memorable entrance for your event utilising a marquee.

A well-designed entrance marquee sets the tone for the entire event, providing a striking first impression and ensuring a smooth arrival experience for your guests. In this post, we’ll guide you through the process of designing an entrance marquee that not only looks stunning but also caters to the practical needs of your event. We’ll cover location, size, aesthetics, accessibility, and additional features.

By following our expert advice, you’ll be able to create a memorable and functional entrance that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.

Selecting the Ideal Location and Size

Choosing the perfect location and size for your entrance marquee is a crucial first step in creating an unforgettable event. These elements play a significant role in managing the flow of guests and ensuring their comfort upon arrival.

Consider the Flow of Foot Traffic

The position of your marquee can greatly influence the smoothness of your event’s operations. Ideally, the marquee should be situated near the main entry point of the event. This strategic placement allows guests to locate the entrance easily and facilitates efficient crowd management.

When considering the size of your marquee, it’s essential to factor in the expected number of attendees. A too-small marquee can lead to congestion and discomfort, especially during peak arrival times. On the other hand, a marquee that’s too large may seem empty and unwelcoming.

Therefore, it’s crucial to strike a balance, ensuring sufficient space for queues and crowd management without compromising the intimate atmosphere of your event.

Factor in Weather Conditions

The unpredictable British weather is another important consideration when selecting the location for your entrance marquee.

A sheltered location can protect against rain or harsh sunlight, ensuring guests remain comfortable regardless of the weather conditions. Moreover, the size of your marquee should be large enough to accommodate guests during peak arrival times, even in adverse weather. If a sudden downpour occurs just as your event starts, your marquee should be spacious enough to shelter all arriving guests.

By considering the flow of foot traffic and weather conditions, you can ensure that your marquee looks stunning and caters to your event’s practical needs. By meticulously strategising and focusing on the minutest aspects, you can fashion an entryway with a memorable impact on your visitors.

Creating an Aesthetically Pleasing Design

The aesthetic charm of your entrance marquee holds immense importance in setting the ambience for your event. A thoughtfully crafted marquee has the power to captivate arriving guests, leaving a lasting impression that shapes the entire occasion.

Incorporate Branding and Event Theme

Branding is a potent instrument capable of forging a unified and captivating event encounter. By incorporating your event’s branding and theme into the design of your marquee, you can create a visual narrative that guides your guests through your event.

One way to incorporate branding into your marquee design is by using bright colours, logos, and various decorative elements that reflect the event’s identity. For example, if your event has a specific colour scheme, you can use these colours in the design of your marquee to create a visually cohesive experience. In addition to colours and logos, consider using customised signage or banners to welcome your guests.

Companies like ExpandaSign offer a range of customisable signage options that can be tailored to match your event’s branding and theme.

Enhance the Space With Lighting

Lighting is a crucial element of marquee design. The right lighting can enhance the visual appeal of your marquee, create the desired mood, and direct attention to the most important areas of the space. Various lighting options are available, from fairy lights and chandeliers to uplighting. Fairy lights can create a magical and intimate atmosphere, while chandeliers can add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

On the other hand, uplighting can highlight specific marquee features and create a dramatic visual effect. Coloured or patterned lighting can also create a unique visual effect. According to CMD Ltd experts, lighting is crucial to every event and is one of the best and easiest ways to make your dream a reality. It sets a mood, tells us where to focus, and can create an incredible impact.

Remember that the objective is to achieve an ideal equilibrium between pleasant mood lighting and the intended ambient illumination. Always test the lighting in the exact conditions in which they will be experienced. There is no point in testing or finding the perfect lighting for a space with natural light pouring into the windows if that room won’t be used or experienced until after dark.

By integrating branding and impactful lighting into the design of your marquee, you can establish a visually appealing entrance that establishes the ambience for your occasion and leaves a memorable impact on your attendees.

Prioritising Accessibility and Functionality

Creating an unforgettable event begins at the entrance. A well-designed marquee prioritising accessibility and functionality ensures that all guests can enjoy a seamless arrival experience regardless of their needs.

Accommodate Special Requirements

Make inclusivity a core principle in your event planning. To guarantee seamless access for all attendees, contemplate integrating ramps, handrails, or other accessibility features to accommodate individuals with mobility constraints.

Additionally, designating a separate area for prams, wheelchairs, or large groups can help to prevent congestion and ensure a smooth flow of guests into your event.

Organise Efficient Check-In Procedures

Efficient check-in procedures are crucial for maintaining a positive atmosphere when guests arrive. Consider setting up multiple registration points to minimise wait times and ensure a swift entry process. Clear signage and directions can also guide guests through the process, reducing confusion and enhancing their overall experience.

Research and Preparation

Before the event, it’s essential to research and prepare for the diverse needs of your guests. Websites such as Euan’s Guide and AccessAble provide detailed information about venue accessibility, helping you to anticipate potential challenges and plan accordingly.

Questions to Ask About the Venue

When planning your event, asking the right questions about the venue is important. For example:

  • Is there disabled parking available?
  • Can a space be reserved?
  • Is there disabled access, such as ramps?
  • Is there somewhere to borrow a wheelchair or other mobility aids?
  • Is a quiet space available for guests needing it?

Asking these questions can help you plan and ensure everything is ready for the day. The last thing you want is complications that detract from the event while you’re trying to host it.

Access to Toilets

Accessible toilet facilities are a crucial aspect of event planning. Ensure that your venue has accessible toilets large enough to accommodate a wheelchair, and consider providing a Radar Key for guests to access these facilities.

By prioritising accessibility and functionality in your entrance marquee design, you can create an inclusive event that caters to the needs of all guests, ensuring a memorable experience for everyone.

However, certain toilets and facilities may require a generator or other power sources. If you’re hosting an event, you will likely already have one.

Enhancing the Entrance with Additional Features

Creating a memorable entrance for your event involves more than just the physical structure of the marquee. By incorporating additional features, you can elevate the experience for your guests, making their arrival not just a moment of transition but a highlight of the event itself.

Offering Refreshments Upon Arrival

One way to make guests feel instantly welcome is by offering refreshments upon arrival. This could be a glass of champagne, a non-alcoholic cocktail, or a small canapé. Not only does this provide a warm welcome, but it also gives your guests something to enjoy as they take in the surroundings of your beautifully designed marquee.

Consider coordinating your refreshments with your event’s theme or colour scheme to make this feature even more special. For example, a refreshing elderflower cocktail could be the perfect welcome drink if you’re hosting a summer garden party.

Creating an Interactive Experience

Another way to enhance your entrance is by creating an interactive experience for your guests. This could involve live entertainment, such as musicians or performers, who can set the mood and provide a talking point for guests as they arrive.

Alternatively, you could set up a photo opportunity or social media activation. This engages your guests and helps promote your event on social media as guests share their experiences with their followers.

Ensuring Safety and Security

Safety and security are paramount when organising an event, and the entrance marquee is no exception. A secure and well-managed entrance marquee is essential for maintaining a safe and orderly environment.

Implement Crowd Control Measures

Effective crowd control is a crucial aspect of ensuring safety at your event. This involves organising queues and maintaining order, which can be achieved by utilising barriers, ropes, or stanchions.

Employing trained staff or security personnel to manage the flow of guests is also advisable. These measures will ensure a smooth and orderly flow of guests into your event, reducing the risk of overcrowding and confusion at the entrance.

Liaise with External Bodies

Per the guidance provided by the Health and Safety Executive, it is crucial to establish effective communication and coordination with external entities or organisations, such as the local authority, emergency services, and the police, who may have a role in managing crowds during an event.

Effective liaison arrangements on health and safety matters and sharing safety-related information are crucial. Some events establish planning groups to facilitate this.

Prepare for Emergencies

In addition to crowd control, it’s essential to prepare for emergencies. This involves establishing a clear evacuation plan and emergency exit routes.

First aid kits and fire safety equipment should be readily available and easily accessible. The detail and complexity of any discussions or planning groups should be proportionate to the risks involved. You and the emergency services should be clear about who will do what if there is an emergency.

Implementing these measures ensures that your entrance marquee is welcoming, aesthetically pleasing, safe, and secure for all attendees.

Coordinating With Suppliers and Service Providers

Creating the perfect entrance marquee for your event requires effective communication and collaboration with your partners. This section will guide you through liaising with marquee suppliers and coordinating with other service providers.

Liaise With Marquee Suppliers

When hiring a marquee, discussing your requirements and expectations with your supplier is essential. This includes the size and style of the marquee, the internal layout, and the timescales for erection and dismantling. It would be best to inquire about additional lighting, heating, and power services.

A good supplier will listen to your expectations and boundaries for your event and provide advice and suggestions for your requirements. Ensure to verify the timelines for delivery, installation, and dismantling. Additionally, it is crucial to discuss the party responsible for site cleanup post-event.

Coordinate With Other Service Providers

Once you have a clear plan for your entrance marquee, it’s time to coordinate with other service providers. This could include caterers, entertainers, and AV technicians. Share the entrance marquee layout with them to ensure everyone is on the same page. It’s also a good idea to schedule site visits and rehearsals as needed. This will allow all parties to familiarise themselves with the space and address any potential issues in advance.

By effectively coordinating with suppliers and service providers, you can ensure a smooth setup process and create an entrance marquee that leaves a lasting impression on your guests.


Creating the perfect entrance with a marquee requires careful planning and attention to detail.

By considering location, aesthetics, accessibility, additional features, safety, and coordination with suppliers, you can design a visually stunning and highly functional entrance. We hope the tips and suggestions in this blog post will help you create a memorable and seamless arrival experience for your guests at your next event.

If you have any questions or would like further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.