For many couples, wedding flowers pull an entire celebration together. Not only can they accentuate your chosen theme, but they can also bring an additional layer of sentiment – especially if there’s a specific reason that each one is chosen. Here at Carron Marquees, we’re passionate about supporting businesses in and around Surrey. So, when it came to discussing wedding flowers, we thought there was surely no better promotion to make than that for the Official Flower of Surrey – the Cowslip.

Read on to learn how you can incorporate this adorable bloom into your bouquets, table decorations and special day.

Why Cowslip?

Being one of the most proficient Spring flowers in the county, Cowslip has a bright yellow petal with nodding blooms. Their cup-like shape grows in clusters on tall stalks and has a similar wrinkled edge to Primrose. Because the flowers were normally found in cattle-ridden fields, such as those with cows roaming regularly, their name is actually a distorted version of ‘cow slop’. The small buds and bright colours are ideal for weddings – allowing you to create a whimsical English-garden themed celebration with ease. The flower is also synonymous with English folklore and has long been scattered across church paths.

Cowslip for Weddings

As well as being bright yellow – a happy and optimistic colour – Cowslip flowers also have a faint fruity smell that has been compared to apricots. Consider pairing it with other English meadow flowers such as honeysuckle, cornflower and bluebells. Clustering a selection of these together will not only create an incredibly interesting looking bouquet, but it will also make your special day more sustainable. This becomes even more significant if you are getting married during the Spring months. You’ll likely be better able to find local florists in the Surrey area who can find you locally grown flowers, reducing road miles and supporting the surrounding economy. Equally, Cowslip flowers can be dressed into table arrangements similarly, to pull together the entire theme easily.

Locally sourced flowers have a certain charm to them and choosing ones intrinsically linked to Surrey is something that holds special meaning to us here at Carron Marquees. With over 40 years of experience in the luxury marquee field, we have worked with hundreds of couples to help them find the perfect wedding flowers for their special days.

For more advice or to speak to one of our team members, please do get in contact with us here today.