There are lots of ideas for hosting events but if you have your mind set on a marquee, it’s perfectly acceptable to host it even in the depths of winter. A marquee is a popular choice for weddings, but it can also be a suitable venue for conferences, business gatherings and awards ceremonies to name a few. Despite the common belief, marquees aren’t just for summer events. Using these top tips, you can keep the marquee nice and warm, no matter what the temperature is outside.

  • Heating

Heating is important in a winter marquee event. Hire a few heaters sufficient to heat the entire space, which will continually feed warm air into the marquee to keep your guests warm and comfortable throughout the event. To ensure the marquee is toasty for your guests make sure the heaters are on for an hour before your guests arrive. A temperature control will be provided so you can adjust the temperature as the event goes on.

  • Colour Scheme

Believe it or not, colours can be used to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. It won’t alter the temperature, but it will create a more welcoming space.

  • Lighting

Good lighting really can make all the difference. Rather than using cool blue lighting you want the room to replicate warmness so choose lights that have a warm orange or auburn glow.

  • Accessorise

There are lots of clever tips and tricks that you could do within the marquee as well to create a sense of warmth as well as the lighting such as candles or well selected floral arrangements.

Don’t forget the outside of the marquee too. As guests arrive you want them to feel warm as they approach the marquee and feel comfortable once inside. Place some flambés at either side of the entrance to the marquee. Not only do they emit heat, but they also create a warm welcome for guests.

If there are places outside for guests make sure that these are sufficiently heated with fire pits or patio heaters. You can purchase heaters that look very similar to a lamp post. These will fit in well with the exterior of the marquee and give some much-needed heat during those colder winter months.

Don’t let the coldness of winter stop you from hosting an event in a marquee. Using these ideas and a little creativity you can keep your guests warm and comfortable for the entire duration of your event.