Small weddings are becoming increasingly popular among those looking to save money and achieve the intimate setting of their dreams. In the current climate, however, they are perhaps even more important than ever. As we write this, weddings are currently banned in line with the COVID-19 restrictions. However, while you may not be able to say ‘I do’ just yet, that doesn’t stop you from planning the perfect small and intimate marquee wedding. This blog post will give you helpful tips to do just that.

Smaller marquee

A small wedding is generally referred to as one with 50 guests or less. This allows you both to have close family and friends attend, without including distant cousins or second aunts. With this, you can take advantage of smaller marquees while still benefiting from the different designs available. For example, our Clear Span Marquees come in dimensions from 3 meters wide. You’ll have enough space to accommodate your guests while maintaining a cosy environment and ensuring the Best Man speech can be heard by everyone.


Smaller weddings cost less. If you’re working with a stricter budget, this is the ideal option. Instead of paying excessively for additional food and guest fees, redirect the funds elsewhere. You can be much more specific about the accessories and decorations used on your special day when money becomes less of an object. Consider large floral decorations around the entranceway using flowers that say something about your relationship. Or, consider hiring your favourite local band to play that one song that speaks volumes about your love.


Having a smaller guest list means fewer people to orchestrate and more freedom to get married how you’ve always dreamed. With this flexibility, and that which a marquee wedding offers too, consider straying from the norm when it comes to wedding timing. Perhaps a mid-morning or twilight wedding has always been high on your dream list. Marquees can be erected on all types of ground so, as long as the landowners allow it, you can say ‘I do’ under the stars.

Food and Drink

Entertaining a smaller group of people also allows you to be more flexible with food offerings. Perhaps a sit down 3-course dinner has never really appealed to you. With a small marquee wedding, you don’t have to stick to the norm. Consider hiring food trucks or having an outdoor BBQ or hog roast for your wedding breakfasts. Guests will be able to enjoy the surroundings and you’ll reduce costs overall while still ensuring everyone is refreshed throughout the day.

Here at Carron Marquees, we help couples transform the dreams in their heads into reality for their big days. If you would like any help planning your small marquee wedding, contact us today for more information on 01252 795252 or