Marquee weddings are growing in popularity because they offer a convenient space for you to host your wedding celebrations and they are a blank canvas allowing you to put your own stamp on the occasion. There are lots of reasons why a marquee wedding would be a good choice, but what things should you consider if it’s something you have decided you would like for your wedding.

Marquee Type

The theme of your wedding will be crucial in deciding which type of marquee that you choose for your wedding. It could be a traditional marquee or something more unusual. Considering the style of wedding that you want is important in choosing the right marquee for the occasion. Do you want windows and doors in the marquee and where will it be situated?


The tables and seating that you have at your reception will very much determine the size and style of marquee that you choose. Round tables are more traditional, and they are great for people gathering to chat, but they do need more space and can be a little formal. Long banqueting tables on the other hand can save space and they always look striking once decorated.

Modern or Traditional

You should also consider whether your wedding will be traditional or whether it will be a contemporary design. If you want a modern look, a frame marquee would work best. These are great where space is limited because they have an aluminium frame so they don’t use ropes/poles to hold them up. They can be installed almost anywhere from lawns through to hard surfaces and they can withstand most weather conditions. Traditional marquees on the other hand have a more sweeping external design and offer a casual atmosphere and visual appeal. If you really want to choose something different you can even choose a tipi.


When it comes to planning your wedding, it’s the little details that really matter so as well as considering the exterior of the marquee you need to think about how the interior will be decorated too. One of the best ways that you can achieve a really sophisticated look is by using marquee linings and add on little touches such as lighting and prints to really bring them to life and put your own stamp on the decoration.

Furniture and Flooring

The flooring of your marquee is very important. Guests will be wearing high heeled shoes so carpets, mats and/or wooden flooring would probably work best. Also consider whether you want a separate dance floor too.