When you are hosting a marquee wedding, it’s important to use the space as effectively as possible. You can do this by creating distinct areas or sections in your marquee which are designated for particular activities or events. But how exactly can you use the space for maximum impact? In this guide, we have put some ideas together to help you make the most of your marquee space. Your marquee can be used to gather people at different stages from the ceremony to the reception, drinks, dining and late night celebrations.

Reveal Curtains
If you want different areas in your marquee, curtains can be an excellent way to divide up areas or sections of your marquee and it gives the venue a more intimate feel. Dividing curtains can be used to section off the ceremony area from where you will host your reception or a stage set up for the evening entertainment. If you are having a smaller gathering for your wedding followed by a larger event with more guests on an evening, dividing curtains can be a great way to make the marquee feel smaller which is perfect.

Chinese Hat
A Chinese hat can be added to the main marquee to create a completely separate area which will host a different part of the event such as the reception. You can also use it as additional space if the weather doesn’t allow you to use the outdoors as a bar area. You can easily liven the area up by adding plants, decorations and lighting.

DJ/Entertainment Area
Do you have evening entertainment planned such as a DJ or singer? If you do then you’ll need a designated area for them to set up and perform. With good marquee design, you can create a separate space for the entertainment to prepare and you can use staging which increases their visibility.

Bar area
You’ll want to provide a bar for guests so it’s a good idea to think about where you would like this to be. Will it be close to the entertainment area or somewhere else away from the main stage or entertainment area? Don’t forget about extra tables too for the wedding cake, presents and the buffet if you are providing one.

Relaxation Area
If you want to let your guests relax and chat with others, why not create a separate space for them in your marquee with a few sofas and a coffee table or two, somewhere quieter and away from the entertainment and dance floor. It can be a great place for guests who like a more relaxing and quiet atmosphere without them being completely segregated from the celebrations.

The way that you use your marquee will also depend on the size of the marquee that you choose but there are just a few ideas of how you can create distinct spaces to make your marquee as effective as possible.