No matter what kind of company you are planning a corporate event for, it’s necessary to follow a few simple guidelines and criteria to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day.

For any type of event, corporate included, marquees are a great choice as they provide the perfect backdrop for any kind of theme. With a variety of options available regarding structure and interior design, the opportunities are endless and putting on a unique event couldn’t be easier.

Be adventurous with your location

Corporate events are a business’s opportunity to showcase their creative flair and personality by putting on something truly memorable that will really get people talking. Unfortunately, many planners don’t seize this opportunity and instead plan a corporate event that is far too, well, corporate.

Marquees are a really flexible option and because of this they work well for companies that want to put on an event that is distinctive. They can be erected almost anywhere, so why not get creative with location? You could try a lakeside space in the summer months or even a historic garden.

Consider the style of marquee you choose

When it comes to picking a marquee for your corporate event, there really isn’t a one size fits all and different styles will lend themselves well to different functions, all depending on the size and style of the event. We have the perfect marquee to suit your numbers, from 20 up to 1300 seated for a conference or dinner. The Clear Span Frame Marquee is a good choice if you are choosing to host your event in a particularly picturesque location, such as a garden, as there are no poles required for this marquee. This means that guests can enjoy uninterrupted views through the panoramic windows. If that doesn’t elevate your event, we’re not sure what will.

If you’re planning something more relaxed, our Traditional Baytex Marquee is an obvious choice. It’s ultra-stylish and also features wooden poles, perfect for any event with a vintage feel.

Choose a theme

Because marquees are a plain backdrop, it means that you can get as creative as you like choosing a theme for your corporate event. Try and stick to key colours and have them featuring throughout the event. It’s also a good idea to consider your surroundings and think how you can make what’s inside the marquee mimic the outside.

Plan for the aftermath

Disassembling a marquee event can unfortunately take as long as it did to assemble it, so you’ll need to consider this. Be sure to let vendors know how long they have to pack away and tidy up before the marquee needs to be taken down.