Recent years have seen the trend for wedding floral decorations err more towards soft green and delicate, light flower arrangements. In 2018, things have changed.

The big trends for 2018 call for considered, colourful flower arrangements and statement centrepieces. The feel this year is much more celebratory and exciting than recent trends, giving you a great deal to play with when planning and designing your floral wedding decorations. With this in mind, let’s look at the most on-trend ideas for your 2018 wedding.

Soft Yellows and Gentle Oranges

Orange and yellow are very big in 2018, but instead of something that’s too in your face and maybe a little gauche, the big thing in 2018 is calmer shades.

Carnations, peonies, Juliet roses and ranunculi are all perfect for bouquets and centrepieces, and they all come in yellows and oranges that are gentle on the eye but still demand attention.

The colours you’re looking for shade toward a pastel hue, but aren’t quite that muted. Think ‘apricot’ and ‘wheat’ when assessing your options and you’ll be bang on-trend.

Deep, Rich Tones Are In

In 2017, pink and ivory white were all the rage when it came to wedding florals but this trend has truly come to a grinding halt. Instead, 2018 calls for deep purples and lush greens, all offset by tones like lilac.

The great thing about this trend is that it gives you a great deal of choice when choosing and matching colours. Darker purple tones really pop when teamed with lilac and lush green, but you can also add explosions of colour with something like coral pink roses and other ‘candy’ shades.

The idea is to have a sophisticated, very rich base and accentuate that with small bursts of colour.

Smaller Bouquets Are In

The new line of thought when it comes to bouquets is to make them more of a beautiful accompaniment rather than something that draws total focus. 2018’s ideal bouquet should be a loose, natural arrangement, not a giant forest of flowers.

This natural approach is one of the big, overarching trends for floral wedding designs in 2018, making bouquets more elegant but less stylised at the same time. Think along the lines of gentle, natural flower colours, with a healthy amount of foliage on show.


Circular wreaths have become more and more popular as decoration pieces, and 2018 is the year when they truly take over.  One of the trends of 2018 is to replace the traditional bridesmaid’s bouquet with a colourful, pastel-shaded wreath. You might also consider larger scale circular wreaths above the altar or behind the married couple’s main table at the wedding reception.

One of the best things about this trend is that it is very open to customisation. If you want a giant, lush wreath of nothing but greenery, that’s totally in. If you prefer a wreath of delicate and appealing flowers, then that’s great too. It’s a trend that really empowers you to make the florals at your wedding your own.

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